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Clover Charm by Lakword Clover Charm by Lakword
Even thou she only appears in chapter 1 of Flik story. She does play a huge role in Flik and Trace life in one way or another. Clover Charm is Fliks real mother which he dint really knew since he was taken from her after birth to be turn into changeling for Queen Varessa experiment to see if she can get a new changeling breed which dosnt require love. Flik became a changeling in many many ways but dark magic and good heart he inherited after his mother. Clover Charm was a Mist Pony who was on very high position in the Mist Kingdom. She was one of the keepers of knowledge. Thats the title given to Mist Ponies who are powerful with magic and do follow traditions and treat them in a very serious manner. Clover Charm was unique one as unlike other Mist Ponies. Her Mane was dark while Mist Ponies usually are in very bright colors unless they posses powerful dark magic which is really really really rare thing for them to have and manage to live with it for longer than few weeks

Despite cold appearance. Clover Charm was really nice pony. Her time was limited and she only shared it with those she found interesting. She dint look on someones wealth or intellect, but judged others by their actions and heart. She actually preferred to spend time with lower classes which weren't related to magic study as she found out that those ponies are either so arrogant that they made her want to release all whats evil in her on them and turn them into dust. Or were a type of brown-nosing ponies which made her feel sick to be even around. She liked regular guards and shopkeepers most. Thats how she meet her Husband Emerald Glow and one of her best friends Trace Mist in which he saw friend who did understand her views. Even after being captured by changelings and having her child taken from her. She did stay open minded and helped those who also were slaves of changelings. She always hoped that things will change and one day she will see her child again. Her health sadly became worse over the years and her last wish was never granted. Commander Oris dint knew her story but he knew her importance for other ponies in colonies in which she was working. And he did organize a special ceremony in Mist Ponies way for her to let her friend honor her memory

*EDITED* I disliked the v1 of her face and expression so I did edit it. Mostly because she was looking like pony version of someone else changeling OC and it was really bugging me off

Art by :iconlakword:
Clover Charm belongs to :iconlakword:
MLP belongs to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

Even if I dont thank every one for the fav personaly. I want to say I do appriciate all of those favs and support ^^
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W0nderbolts Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
*kisses her butt* XD
Lakword Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someones pervy XD
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not my fault flik has a sexy mom
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