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Scarlet Glass (No Glass Version) by Lakword, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Varessa and her Court by Lakword, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
My Bio

Im officially oppening commisions now! Prices are listed below. Prices depend on what art I be required to draw or animate. Atm everything goes to negotiations but I will post some info with updated prices soon ^^

So... My progress so far ;)

Book about Flik...

Writting continues ^^

Cover - Prologe by Lakword

Chapter 1 - Fall of the Mist (100%)
Cover - Chapter 1 (Fall of the Mist) by Lakword

Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Greywilds (100%)
Cover - Chapter 2 (Welcome to the Greywilds) by Lakword

Chapter 3 - The Purge (10%)
Chapter 4 - A new life (0%)
Chapter 5 - The Fat Zebra (0%)
Chapter 6 - When everyone wants to get you (0%)
Chapter 7 - My name is Vella (0%)
Chapter 8 - The children of Varessa (0%)
Chapter 9 - The old tresure (0%)
Chapter 10 - Rubeencha cry (0%)
Chapter 11 - Chuuu... (0%)
Chapter 12 - The otherside of the medal (0%)
Chapter 13 - The traffic light changelings (0%)
Chapter 14 - One more wine bottle! (0%)
Chapter 15 - Hunter and the prey (0%)
Chapters after 15 (Still need to put them in order)

OC backstories

Flik - 100%

Vince - 90%

Vella - 80%

Kintaro - 85%

Trace -100%

Aspeni - 45%

Rubeencha - 90%

Scarlet - 100%

Oris - 90%

Lapis - 70%

Narzissa - 100%

Kane - 100%

Varessa - 100%

Eve - 100%

Shadow and Specter - 100%

Isabelle - 60%

My good DA friends :

:iconzeksmorshar: One of my first DA friends. From time to time I need to shout at him and bring him back to order but I know he does the same for me when I need it. A friend I fight from time to time but in a good way. Thanks Zeks for being my friend on DA and in real as well :D

:iconw0nderbolts: A good friend to chat with no matter where I post a comment he always finds it XD Also Im such a big fan of his OC. Amanita rules! Also he can be creepy at times :P

:iconeisenfell: This fat Unicorn here is one of my good friends and actually first friend I made on DA... He is hard almost never now on DA but I still keep a close contact with him

:iconkittyfiction: My first real fan :) I really enjoy talking with her and her traditional art is just amazing... Please chek it out. Its really worth seeing. Also amazing RP partner :D I hope shes doing well. I dint hear from her for months

:iconsrmario: Amazing artist and a friend. Hes super busy but at least he responds ^^

:iconspyling: My DA family Brother. Me, him and Reinflak are a traffic light trio :D Hes also my best friend on DA and beyond since we talk everyday and fight a lot as well. Thats what best friends do right?

:iconinsanespyro: Good gamer, good game critic, amazign voice actor and avarage troll. Thats Insane Spyro for you. One of my best buds on DA and Skype. Please watch this guy. He deserves support. Also please dont use key words like Banna when speaking to him or we all may end up in place we no want to be XD Also Spyro voices :icontracenightversionplz:

:iconsharptone: One of most active friends I got ^^ Been there with me for a long time. Hes also quite a good artist :P

:iconom-nyx: Very talented and random voice actor. This guy always shares his opinion whenever I post some art. He also voices :iconkintarochangelingplz:

:icondrakon-fireblade: One of my friends on DA which did help me with chapter 3.Hes a very nice guy and a good friend on Skype :) he got awsome OC which really could use soem attention

:iconlaw44444: One of my friends whos OC is making your heart go warm when you see it. Also I find this guy amusing. So He deserves to be put in this list

:iconeqfazrael: A good friend from Skype and DA. Amazing music composer

:iconaz-derped-unicorn: A loyal friend on DA and Skype. I always can count on his honest opinion. He is awsome traditional artist and starting digital. I so need to learn few tricks from him XD

:iconreptilecynrik: Amazing artist. Good friend and damn good player :P Its an honor to have him as a friend and as a teammate in some games ^^

Im also a...

Safesleep-Fan-Button by sixpathsoffriendship
Summer Haze Fan Button by TyTrance
Princess Luna Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Fluttershy Fan Button (Edited) by ButtonsMaker
Octavia Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Queen Chrysalis Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Zecora fan by Pixelated--Coffee
Lyra Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to chose from
Favourite Movies
the Illusionist
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nobou Uematsu, DJ Bobo, Scatman Johnes
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Space Rangers 2, Skyrim, Fallout new Vegas and many many more
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
A what now?
Other Interests
Writting, game modding and maybe soon flash making

New HQ here

0 min read
Flik new HQ here if you still wanna follow on my arts or wanna commision me
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Hello everyone. I just wanted to say Goodbye to DeviantArt as I wont be u:D ading anything new here anymore. I be moving to Furranity as apperantly its one of few sites what is not so aggresive with restrictions about art. And I dont even mean xxx type. Also the new page looks is super unfriendly and hard to manage so even more reason to say goodbye. I will however deal with few things before I go since would not be fair just let many people who hurted me just leave without say goodbye :P You know who i speak about and why. I make sure their dirty secrets are secrets anymore But yea. I wanted to thank everyone who did watch me on DA while the fandom lasted ^^ was awsome to have you here supporting my arts and me in times of depresion when I needed friends most. I belive most of you I got already on Discord as friends so we still can keep contact. Im not removing my account so all arts will stay here. But I wont be uploading here anything anymore This was a long ride. Much did
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Hello everyone ^^ I wanted to make this journal for a while now and I finally got time to do so. Ive been here for a while and Ive been working on many arts in past years. Improving my skills and so on. But I would never be able to reach my current level without help of people I did observe and learn from them. Poses, bases, shadowing and coloring. Some of them dont even know me I bet but I still wanted to say thanks and mention them here so you can go cheek their amazing works and skills yourself. Just observing them and how they do their arts is an amazing opportunity to improve yourself and I suggest you at least take a look at their chan
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Happy Hearth Warming Evening and some love for all of your changelings Changeling Heart Emote

Hello. I thought I would start all over again after I was not so good the past times. so can we be good friends again? i really like your gallery 😊 im always here for a cool talk 😊

Im actually neutral. Not angry at all. I just hardly on DA nowdays since it changed looks to more... ugly XD

I know. I don't like Eclipse either.

I hate it. I cant navigate at all and it loads so much slower. Thinking to fully move to furranity at this point

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Im sensing a bot here