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New rule for my stock:
If you use my photos for commissions (not art trades, gifts, references or personal art) you have to pay 10 points, its not much. Why? Due to the fact that these are all my photos (I payed for the equipment, I went on tour, I spent time making those photos!) it's just fair, if you be polite and not only use them but also show some goodwill. If you dont tell me and I find out that you didnt gave me the points you have to pay 20 points. Please accept my rules!

Special thanks to :iconzimtwuerfel:

Do not:
Use my stock outside the internet, if so, only for private uses! I cant allow this because most of the animals belongs to several zoos and they own them. If you are interested in using my images for other commercial use outside the internet, contact me first. (Like, for example, book covers, logos, banners, etc.)
* Make other stock images out of my photos. Like removing the background from a photo of an animal and sell it as PNG, or merging two background together and sell the whole image. This does not include anything "drawing" related like references, lineart and stuff. It is also incredible rude to resell my stock on any other sites.
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