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My Bio
Current Residence: Pulkovskoye shosse... If ya know where it is! ^^
Favourite genre of music: Rock... Piano music... Well, everythin' actually
Operating System: Windows XP Professional Edition (wanna Vista! T^T where are my bloody father's money)
MP3 player of choice: Iriver T10 (luff It SO MUCH!!!) gotta get an iPod soon ^^
Favourite cartoon character: members of Host Club, L (Death Note), Watanuki (xxxHolic)
Personal Quote: Апцаца... Т_Т (c) Laksa Torsha

Favourite Visual Artist
looots ^^ I admire Hitana, Apple Sin, Teruchan and rly there are lots at DA
Favourite Movies
Beyond the clouds! <3
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Evanescence, Green Day, D'espairs Ray, MAXIMUM the Hormone, Nightmare
Favourite Games
Sudeki, Fable.. Pacman is the best! ^^
Favourite Gaming Platform
pesochnitsa //^_^//
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Graphire tablet, APS CS2, Expression 3, Flash 8, SAI and naturals
Other Interests
this damn world teh. It becomes boring from day to day
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Oh, I noticed I didn't make a journal >.> I MOOOOOOOOOOOVED TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT! AND VERY LONG AGO! THAT'S WHY I'M NOT POSTING! :D ~BelovedJustice ( :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBelovedJustice: :iconBe
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&nbsp;Yeah I know I'm posting too much journals but I can't help it X_x TODAY WAS ANIMATSURI WHATEVER THE CASE! SO.... *shivering from emotions* it was fantastic. awesome. dunno. the only bad thing was that they had lots of technical probs and we started half an hour later -_- and that's why they were'n able to show us AMVs today. It is going to be tomorrow, but my father's against. -_- you know what, I WANT YOU TO CLICK THIS. IMMEDIATELY. ---> &nbsp; they're my photos from the con. holy butter. will never wear that skirt again X_x ALL the cosplayers were unbelievable aweso
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I've been tagged by Kaminary ^^ The rules: 1. post these rules 2. each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves 3. tags should write a journal of these facts 4. at the end post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named 5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged 1. I love shota boys =^^= Hynny and Loki are the best. not counting Minoru Kokubunshi and others~ 2. I love italian food. and you damn know it ^^; 3. I love DA. My greatest addict. EVAR. 4. I stopped watching anime for some time. cuz it will get into another depression for me if i don't. Now I watch Avatar: a legend of Aang instead X_x 5. I
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hello i was wondering if you could do a request? if not i understand sorry to bother you~:(
Ти есть Вконтакте?
:xmas:С новым годом! С новым счастьем!!! :D
My respects miss.
I am moved by your gentle style.
You have a sharp eye and neat skills- I mean it. :heart:
May I ask for the favor...:blush:
I am honored
To inform You that I have opened up a sudeki club !
The journal about the club is ready !
Want to join in ?
Feel free Join in :aww:
Adventures and fun awaits !
i love all of your favs. and thanks for putting my picture as one of them