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Dos Velos - Alethena

I'm alive!
And finally finished this child!! I've been working on her for two weeks (╯°□°)╯︵ (school)

I'm not the too pleased with her entry as of now apart from the art. I may end up making quite a few revisions when I go to update her history, but nothing too terrible dramatic. Mostly just clarifications. 


Name: Alethena (Ah-leh-thena) Dara 

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 127


    Intelligent- Her IQ is through the roof
Socially awkward- She has minor autism. She loves studying how society works, but she’s unable to apply it to herself. She hides it well however usually making others feel uncomfortable using her knowledge so they’ll be distracted from her discomfort. She is eloquent in her speaking and can easily talk to an extent about any topic, but usually, it's not the one the conversation began on nor one that whoever she’s speaking to has interest in hearing.
Curious- She absolutely loves learning about new things. As a child she would question many things. As the adults failed to answer her questions, she learned to take it into her own hands and developed her passion for learning.
    Persistent- In concurrence with her curiosity, she will not rest until she’s achieved her goal, often leading to days without rest.
Takes no bs- She has no shame in and will not hesitate to insult someone-- intelligently-- if she deems necessary. This has caused a lot of problems and earned her quite a few enemies.  

Scholar- fften guest speaks at seminars and the occasional high school. 


    Reading anything and everything.
Thinking. She loves formulating questions and answering them. 
Studying anything really. She like reading about systems and how they work, but even more so she loves to see them in motion herself. So despite being not so outgoing she loves being in public. Incidentally, one of her favorite things to study is the gangs in Las Vicio— she finds them a fascination. 
Observing anything and everything. She likes to fins patterns within things and try to understand what she’s looking at herself. 
Learning. Encompassing everything mentioned before, she just loves learning. 


Making flirts/rude people feel uncomfortable
Water (strictly in a scientific sense)
Applying her knowledge
Anyone willing to learn
Having her hair/ tail brushed or pet by someone she trusts
Maria (Alethena's maid since childhood and the one speaking in the picture above). Alethena may complain, but she loves her. 


    Anyone who disrespects books. She doesn’t care if people don’t like them, she just hates it when people don’t respect them. 
    Being flirted with
Being forced into social interaction. Sometimes she initiates it herself for research sake but usually only after a couple hours of mental preparation.
Being underestimated
Swimming and baths. She can’t swim (never tried),  and baths just make her uncomfortable. Someone’s always scrubbing her too roughly.
Food that’s too hot. She truly has a cat’s tongue.
Noble parties 
The idea of perfection
The glowering, stuck up, judgmental side of the noble community.
Being touched by strangers


    Alethena’s father is a wealthy Arabian noble, earning his money from his ownership over a large portion of the oil industry. Her mother, a British noble, is known for her stunning beauty and eloquent charm (and a bit promiscuous too). Alethena’s mother, having been on a visit to her father’s estate for diplomatic reasons, after only a couple days, became pregnant with Alethena. The too were not married, and Althena’s mother had no intentions of yet settling down, so their child was illegitimate. Both parents were held in extremely high esteem by others of the same class so no judgement fell upon them but instead their child; the unborn Alethena was already regarded as an abomination.  
Even at an early age, Alethena showed signs of her vast intelligence, stunning most of the nobles into shutting up about her lineage (or at least making them hide their opinions better.) Many were afraid of speaking badly about her out of fear for this five year old child mercilessly embarrassing them with her wit. Needless to say, this didn’t earn the girl many friends and she grew up in solitude, her mother often overseas, leaving her with her father and personal maid Maria. But she really didn’t need much more. Her father was kind, and always did his best to satisfy her curiosity, and Maria, though at times could be nagging, was always caring and as much of a mother figure as her real mother. When her mother did visit, Alethena was elated, for she admires her mothers ability to be both intelligent and social. Besides, it was funs watching her cunning mother, seduce the masses around her. 
Apart from this, Alethena couldn’t cared less about the other nobles opinions nor their social working. She finds the whole class rather boring, full of nothing but fake smiles and badmouthing behind each others backs so unless she was forced, she did not interact. 
In pursuit of furthering her education, getting away from the stifling noble class in her home country, and more importantly studying the fascinating dynamics between the sister cities, Alethena moved to Dos Velos. She has a deep interest in Lac Vicio and their gang community, often going there to observe. 

Pokémon: #053 Persian 

Nature: Hardy

Move set: 

Double Team
Hyper Beam
Nasty Ploy 

Ability: Technician 

Relationship Status: Less than single 

Sexual Orientation: Straight, demiromantic.

Character Relationships: None at the moment. 

Extra Information:

    She has a british accent

    Alethena has three doctorates and is working on her fourth.

    She has a photographic memory easily able to retain anything and everything.  

    She loves going barefoot. As with her hair and general appearance, her maid has to constantly remind her that’s not how a lady of noble status should walk around. (Unlike Alethena, Maria actually cares about how the noble class regards her.)
Alethena plays piano but it’s not a hobby. She learned just to spite the nobles who refused to recognize her. So she taught herself to play pretty much professionally solely thinking of it in a technical sense. While it was enough to make them shut up, it’s not enough to fool a seasoned musician. Sure she plays well but her music lacks the emotion needed to actually move people. She still plays every once in a while, but only to give herself a challenge, turning mathematical equations and such into songs. 

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Wheelzzz's avatar
She has a rough kitty tongue? D; Poor thing.  Those must be difficult to have.

And they feel weird when it comes to kitty kisses. >u<
Lajean-Ra's avatar
It's sorta like wet sandpaper it feels strange yet at the same time adorable. 
Wheelzzz's avatar
It does. >u< Especially with one of my brother's cats, who is quite fond of grooming hair.

Does Alethena give kitty kisses?
Lajean-Ra's avatar
D'aww cute!
Ahh I wish I had a cat ;u; 
I'm so used to dogs soft tongues. 

Hmm I haven't thought about that!
She'd probably judge the act of kissing in general. Probably tried it once just to see and was like why is this so popular
Wheelzzz's avatar
I get smothered by one every morning.
I can't breathe half the time.

I wouldn't mind a little Alethena kissy.
That sounds really sweet, actually.
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Not the worst way to die c;
That's actually adorable omg

Don't be fooled.
She's just a dork that likes social experiments XD
Wheelzzz's avatar
It's adorable when you can still breathe. >u<

I'll help with her experiments if it involves kitty kisses. QuQ
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Haha! She'd shamelessly accept that offer fffft. 
Sadly though she hadn't gotten to get out into the world much ;u; I never got a chance to get her involved in the community 
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If you could fill out the history asap that would be awesome :) I'm trying to crack down on applications
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Of course! I've been trying to get around to it, so I think you just gave me the shove I need c:>
I hadn't thought about the unfairness of it either so I'll definitely fix it asap
Ephira's avatar
Okay thank you :D
Lajean-Ra's avatar
All updated~! :heart: 
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Blasianeko's avatar
what a sweet looking lady!
LunascapeStudios's avatar
Oh my goodness....she is so beautiful and her hair and tail look so soft...I just want to pet her. <333
Her personality also makes me think of my sister!
Maybe except for that last part, haha, she's more of a people pleaser, but she otherwise acts pretty much the same way. >w<
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Thank you so much!!
Don't be fooled. Her hair would be a rats nest if it weren't for her maid. 
Haha really? That's so funny! XD
Alethena's just too awkward. 
Kenna-daretolive666's avatar
Look at this beautiful young lady. >w< 
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Gaaah! Thank you ;u;
Kenna-daretolive666's avatar
RisaNezu's avatar
Allen: "I've been wondering, if there would ever be the chance to have a dance with a beautiful lady like you. *softly kisses her hand* It would be such a pleasure."

She is sooo beautiful <<33 Her hair OMG *q* 
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Alethena: "Unlikely. No one has ever walked away after dancing with me looking pleased. Besides, I don't plan on engaging with the noble society of this city if I have a choice."

lololol Allen immediately makes her uncomfortable this is great. 

Thank you so much <3
She just a big dork don't be fooled.
RisaNezu's avatar
Allen: *smiles* "Hey, why not? It's just a dance. I'm not as bad as you might think." 

Whehee *wiggles eyebrows* He didn't mean to <3

And no probs )^o^( 
Lajean-Ra's avatar
Alethena: That may be but I am. What is it about dancing with me that makes you so adamant?

Nah, Allen is lovely <3
It's just... She can smell and see the nobility on him, of which she doesn't associate kindly to. `u`

:heart: :heart: :heart: 
dayraider's avatar
Oh my...she's beautiful!!
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