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August - Summer Thunderstorms

By Laitma
Sliiiiiding this juuust into the end of August, but here's my Calendar illustration for the month-!  
LieLie and XinMi caught in the rain... :D

This picture was fun to do, but ended up a lot flatter than I would've liked, something I've still got to work on...
I switched over to using the Princeton Neptune brand of brushes though, which are like faux squirrel hair and suuper nice since they hold a lot more water, I think it's helping me a lot in creating softer watercolors and better blending (even if most of it fails to show here, hahah; )  I'm excited to work with them more, and hope you guys enjoy~ 

School starts up for me again Tuesday!  I've had a super-busy summer juggling two internships and a family vacation to Europe, so I haven't been online much or active, sorry... 

Hope that you guys have had a great summer, I'm so sad to see it go so soon-!

LieLie and XinMi are from my story Shantih:  
Shantih Page 0 by Laitma LieLie Reference Sheet by Laitma Shantih Sketchdump 01 by Laitma

Pencil, touch of white gel pen, and Winsor and Newton Watercolors on 6"x9" Canson Cold Press 300gsm.
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hmm, the background may be a little flat but the shading on the characters is so wonderfully dynamic that I'd never have noticed the BG if you hadn't pointed it out. your watercolours just keep getting more and more lovely!

(nnnh sorry I've been away so much again...)
Laitma's avatar
Ahahahah, maaaan it's no problem I've been in and out for weeks, my life just keeps getting busier and busier hahahah, but thanks so much!!  I-I wanna get so much better at watercolor though, gotta keep at it-!  DX
TeddyLama's avatar
Oooh, these two are just so adorable! >3<  Can't express how much I love them, I just wanna glomp the two of them ! x3 La la la la 
And I don't think it looks flat at all, as always, it looks great!:D I'm really impressed by how good you do with watercolors, always looks so awesome ! :D
Laitma's avatar
Aaahhhhhh this is so belated, but thanks so much for such a sweet comment, hahahahah!  LieLie and XinMi make for quite the adorable pair, and d'aawww you're too kind to me, thanks!!  I wanna get even better with my watercolors, though-!
TeddyLama's avatar
They really do! >3<
Then I'm looking forward to see even better watercolorpieces from you!!:D
Laitma's avatar
D'aaawwww thank you, I'll make sure to keep workin' on 'em!!
Neskybo's avatar
You're coloring is always awesome, and I love how you did the water puddles!
hnkkorgris's avatar

Love seeing LieLie in full color, so lovely ;D
Gosh you are just so good at watercolors don't even try to pull off the "flatter than I would've liked" nonsense, it's deep and gorgeous
just like your eyes bby
Laitma's avatar

But hahahaha aaahhh thanks, I feel like her colors are kinda stupidly dull??  LOL kinda intentional but at the same time I'm embarrassed that I'm not very good at picking colors for my characters... xD  BUT THANK YOU YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO MWAH
Cet-Tin's avatar
(I may have been totally stealing looks at this one in your sketchbook)
Laitma's avatar
A-Ah, hahahahah, I forgot to even show that to you didn't I??  Aaaaaaaaa~
g-barbatus's avatar
Laitma's avatar
I love 'em so much I just need to figure out how to tell their story, waaahhhh~
47ness's avatar
Ah, I wouldn't have noticed it being flat unless you pointed it out. ^~ I really like the subtle intimacy of their poses with each other and the setting.
Not sure if LieLie was holding the hat out over XinMi the entire time or just doffed it from her own head as the rain parted. :iconfryplz:
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Why, how dare you suggest LieLie wouldn't be the perfect gentle(wo)man and try to cover XinMi from the rain-!  XinMi just got the hem of her clothes wet, but she's making a much bigger fuss about it, hahahahah (XinMi's a bit more of a city-slicker while LieLie's a farm girl and used to getting wet xD)

But hehehehe, thanks!  
47ness's avatar
Part of me was thinking she'd wear the hat so XinMi would have to huddle closer. :iconpapmingplz:

Study hard! don't be ~too~ scarce though...?
Laitma's avatar
(not sure LieLie's that sneaky, buuuut goshdarnit now I wish that that was what'd happened, hahahah!)

And haaahaaaaaaaaaa I'll try, but so far I've got 1 liberal arts class, 4 studios, and then I'm auditing a fifth studio because I'm THAT EAGER TO LEARN 8')))
47ness's avatar
Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

S T A C K E D :ohnoes:
Laitma's avatar
The lack of a free day is... a little... painful... :'D;;
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Very nice, I really like the details and the technique :) 
Laitma's avatar
Thank you so much for the super-kind comment, I'm always trying to expand and improve my technique-!  <3
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