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The Big Whirl

My third wormhole - I hope, you like it ^^.
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Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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This is awsome...
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Totaly spectacular !!
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I love you picture ! But I have a question: did you draw it ? Or did you create it with Photoshop ?
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Thanks. It's 100% created with Photoshop ;).
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Oh... I really need to improve my photoshop skills... I want to do the same thing !
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Nice galaxy, it's pretty cool and colorful with the red! :)
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really nice painting !
A wonderful palette and a lot's of details ! :clap:
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Mmmm really nice!
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This looks just stunning! O_O It's amazing!
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Absolutely spectacular job on this space scape
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Superduperschön , du übertriffst dich von Bild zu Bild immer mehr :-)
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Yessss, I like this wormhole! :wave:
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That IS an original idea...I like it.
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Very nice. I love the colours, the overall feel, how some of the asteroids appear to be flying into the wormhole...

Now all you need to do is create one near Earth! ;)
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I like the colours, they seem to compliment each other very well. And I like that, I also like how the light falls on the asteroids. I'm guessing that they where made by some 3D program. Alao I have noticed that you have done the stars all the same, becuase I have noticed that some people have done some starts that I light tilted then others. That wouldn't happen becuase the light reaches you the same way as each other, so there would be no need for the starts spikes to be tittled.

Keep up the good work! I like it!
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Thanks for your detailed comment :).
The "asteroids" are little gravel stone which I collected and photographed ;).
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You are very welcome!

Oh, that is new, I wouldn't have thought of that. Nice idea. ;)
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Nice. That's all I can say.
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