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Star Trek Atlantis

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A little joke between ... ;).
I love Star Trek - and Stargate Atlantis. Be honest - it takes not much fantasy to imagine Ronon Dex as Klingon. And when I saw this picture of Rodney, looking so paranoid, I couldn't resist anymore :D.
SGA-Fans, please forgive me ...
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Why is teyla an orion woman?! And is lizzy a tril bwcause she has had mor than on life? Ps. Last in air quotes
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Carson always had the most empathy.  Lets go with Betazoid.
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GryphinloverStudent General Artist
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ChrissiannieHobbyist General Artist
I'd pay to see this happen on TV!
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Great image. Do you have image of Shepherd and Weir on their own in starfleet uniform?
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multificionadoHobbyist General Artist
Interesting concept.
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NotestryderHobbyist Writer
A Canadian Very good :D
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Bry-SinclairHobbyist Digital Artist
Truly exceptional work!
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hey, this actually works
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LHaywrdProfessional Writer
I love Eliz as Trill it siuts great to her. Haha Captian and First officer. There is on qutoe in our country. it is said: Velká láska letí světem,propíchnutá parapletem. Greeeeeeeeeeeeat job.
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:P awesome. I could see McKay so easily as a Carrie.
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Interesting bit of work, to say the least; nice job.
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Woohoo, I love it! :D Will somebody please turn this into a fanfic?
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Actually, that wouldn't b that hard. It could be a lot of fun too. Earth and their alliances are the Starfleet Federation. They found a Gate that leads them to an ancient powerful alien City/station but these Gates require a more powerful battery. Dilithium crystals aren't strong enough. So they organized this expedition team comprised of advanced scientists and anthropologists as well as fully fledged Starfleet officers and Crewmen, and sent them through the Gate to this alien City, located -they think- somewhere in the unmapped regions of the Delta Quadrant. This story is the regaling tales of their arrival to the alien City, their learning of the Station and planetary systems located around it, as well of course of the new species seeded through out.
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Ooh, that's cool!Love  Are you planning to write a full-length version?
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Sounds like fun, I just have to get Microsoft Word working again....
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oh no ... please not
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Need to add Dr Zelanka and Majoy Lorne...what would you make them???
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boozerc2007Hobbyist Photographer
That's such a great idea. What a great image.
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This is awesome!
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LOL! talk about irony! I actually thought about this! and you even made Jewell an Andorian too! love it!
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