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dear friend,

Well ENGLAND WAS SOOO MUCH FUN. My life is pretty neutral right now. Other than that i am Hired at NYSSSA again YAY... but now i dont know how to tell my current employer that i need a month off after getting back form 2 weeks off not to long ago... oh well other than that i am getting my demo reel near comletion and i am soon going to be sending it out. Other than that. I'm content.


COMMISIONS for anyone who is interested. Just send a note and we can work out the details.

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zemulia Featured By Owner May 7, 2007
thats a lot of S's in where you work

glad you had fun in england i've always wanted to go someday
skate-emerica746 Featured By Owner May 2, 2007
have u done nething w/ the RD music video animation?
LainDragon Featured By Owner May 3, 2007  Professional General Artist
some but not that much i am tring to complete the dino animation i have been working on then i am going to see if i can work on that a bit more. NYSSSA will be a big help wiht that cause i dont have to work 8hr shifts.
skate-emerica746 Featured By Owner May 3, 2007
ic, sweet! well good luck on completing ur demo reel! and let me know when u get the RD animation done bc id love to see it!
LainDragon Featured By Owner May 3, 2007  Professional General Artist
haha yeah i may get it done before u are out of school lol :D but i def will casue it is going to be cool
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May 2, 2007


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