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Golden eagle animation

By lainchan
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So I finally decided to upload some of my college work just to give you guys an idea of what I'm up to right now.
Theres a billion things wrong with this but I'm only a baby animator so I don't feel too bad about it^^;
Don't ask me how many frames long it is. I lost track @_@
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this is actually really great especially for one of my favorite predator birds <3 though, it'd look much nicer if it went in to kill something like a fox, deer, or wolf, really showing the animal's great strength against it's bigger prey >u>
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Looks great to me. ^_____^
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grate animation
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Traditional animating seems such a pain in the ass =(
This is very smooth! You say you're a baby animator, I'd say you're pro :aww:

Also, did you use the same images when he was flying?
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It really is a pain in the ass!

Thank you for the comment :D

Yeah, the flight is a cycle of drawings though I cantr remembe how many ^^;
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D'aww, well I'll probably start with a simple animation then :XD:
You're welcome! :aww:
Yeah, why drawing more if you can use the same. =)
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Wow, it's really smooth :O
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very nice animation. Golden eagles are awsome birds
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Thanks. They really are amazing :D
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I hope you don't mind me asking, but did you use a refreance?
I'm doing a short animation for college, I have an eagel in mine, I was just woundering if you used refrances or not?
This looks just amazing! I love the landing!
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I went on this website [link] and typed in eagle to the search. Theres lots of reference on there so you should find it handy :D
Thanks for the comment :hug:
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Wow thanks alot!!
and you're welcome :hug:
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You got the birds movement dead on, and surprised me with your accuracy in the landing, not many people can do that without messing it up <3
This is gorgeous, everything is perfect <3333
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Thank you very much ^_^ I did the landing last so I'd which is probably why its the best bit :D
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