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This is for art commissions only, for my keychain commissions, please refer to Keychain Commission Information

If you would like to commission a piece, either send me a note on deviantART or email me at

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Chibi  Characters

(full body colored only)

Bullet; Green $5-$25 for creatures
(each additional character will be -$5 from their base price)

Bullet; Green $30 for humanoids
(each additional character will be -$5 from their base price)

Laikari by Laikari

 Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White      Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White 

Painted Portraits + Characters

Bullet; Red  $10~$80 for creatures depending on complexity
Bullet; Red  $60~$120 for humanoids depending on style (anime/cartoon - realistic)
(each additional character will be -$10 from their base price)

Bullet; Pink +$0 for single color / gradient/ or simple textured background
Bullet; Pink +$10 for simple background (covers sky scenery)
Bullet; Pink +$20 for detailed background 

Water Horse by Laikari           Wings of Darkness by Laikari             Goodbye April Doppel by Laikari

 Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White      Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White 

Full Illustrations

Character Base:
Bullet; Orange  $10~$80 for creatures depending on complexity
Bullet; Orange  $90~$120 for humanoids depending on full body or partial
(each additional character will be -$10 from their base price)

Environment Base:

Bullet; Purple $20-$120 for natural scenery depending on complexity
Bullet; Purple $150+ for cityscape / machinery (Would recommend finding a different commissioner-- I'm not very comfortable with these)

Bullet; Blue $5-$50 Special foreground objects

            Pom Fields by Laikari        Can't Catch Me by Laikari       Spirit of the Desert by Laikari

 Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White      Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White     Star!     Bullet; Yellow     Star!     Bullet; White 

Payment + other information

Prices are in USD and I only accept Paypal.

Commissions under $50 must be paid full after I provide sketches for you to choose from.
Anything over $50 may be split between 2 payments if you wish - first payment after sketches, 2nd payment before I give you the completed files.
Commissioners will receive original photoshop files with layers unmerged.

Sorry if there is a large range for the prices. I'm comparing things like a Voltorb to a Gyarados, the prices difference between the two are quite large.

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FAQs and order form may be found here.

Commission Status: OPEN

Commissions for customizable FFXIV keychains now avaialbe! I will only be taking 5 at a time for now. Depending on how well things go, I may open up more slots in the future. I am not making a waitlist, so I will keep this updated to let everyone know when slots are open. You may commission up to a maximum of 3 keychains per order.

Current slots:

K :





K = Keychain
P = Pin
CSM = Customized

:star::star-empty::star-empty: = digital editing
:star::star::star-empty: = assembling
:star::star::star: = complete

Orders will be mailed out when the entire batch is complete.

See here for current commission status.

**Order form is at the very bottom of the journal entry.

General Information

What are these keychains?

The FFXIV Soul Stone Keychains feature an image of the one of the 15 Job Stones on one side and a customized character portrait on the other.

Final Fantasy XIV Soul Stone Keychains by Laikari FFXIV Customized Keychain by Laikari

The keychain rings are bronze and the domes on the front/back are made of glass. They are fairly study--I have dropped mine multiple times on a wooden floor and so far I don't see any damage.

How do the orders work?
Once I receive the commission through email, I will send a response letting you know that I have accepted the order or declined if there are no available slots. I will then create an Etsy listing, and once that has been paid for, I will begin making the keychains. If your commission has a customized character portrait, I will email you a confirmation to make sure it is what you want.

How big are the keychains?
The images on the keychains are 1 inch in diameter, so the entire pedant's diameter is a little over 1 inch. The length of the keychain is roughly 1.25 inches.

How long does it take to make?
Each keychain is made to order - even the single job stone ones. It takes roughly about 5 days to make one. I've experimented with faster methods, but the resulting products are often imperfect. If your keychain does not come out right, I will be remaking it, so my apologies if it takes longer than usual. Feel free to ask for any updates on the progress!

What if I only want a 1 sided keychain?
Sorry, only double-sided keychains are available at the moment, but I may consider 1 sided ones in the future. Prease look forward to it :^)
Single-sided keychains will be premade and stocked in my Etsy shop.

Can I put anything on the back?
Yes, for the most part. There are some images that probably will not turn out well depending on the amount of detail. It is already difficult getting facial features to show up clearly. You may also use other artwork if 1) it was created by you, or 2) it was a commission that you paid for and have full rights to use. If you would like to use another artist's work, you must get their permission and send me proof. I will not tolerate any art theft.

Please follow these guidelines when sending me a screenshot:
Screenshot Guidelines by Laikari

Why is my character information required on the order form?
In case I am unable to reach you through email (error messages, taking too long to respond) I will attempt to contact you in-game as a last resort.

Commission Information

Keychain Pricing

There are 2 options for double-sided keychains*:

1) Both sides featuring job stone $12
2) 1 side job stone, 1 side character portrait $15

*double sided keychains only come in the antique bronze color (shown in pictures above)

Pin add-ons are currently available!

If you ordered a keychain, you may add on any number of pins for $2 each. I am currently not selling the pins individually.

FFXIV Job Pins by Laikari

Keychains will be put on Etsy as a reserved listing, shipping will be automatically calculated. You must have an Etsy account to make the purchase. I will start making the keychains/pins once the order has been paid for, you can check the progress on the front page. Once you have made the purchase on Etsy, you will not be able to add anymore items to the order, so please make sure you double check before paying!

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

Order form

Please email the order form to and title the subject "Keychain Commission."
Orders are first come first serve, if you did not make the list, your order will be deleted. I do not take waitlists.

Character Name*:
Data Center / Server*:

    Screenshots (please see
    Portrait background color (SAMPLES - you are NOT required to choose from any of these. Feel free to send me a link to a specific color you would like me to use or use this for an HTML color code:
Other notes:

* required fields

Your character name (ONLY) will be displayed on the commission list. If you would like me to use a different display name for whatever reason, please let me know.



Character Name: Laikari Xeyn
Data Center - Server: Aether - Balmung
Commission: 2 keychains -  NIN/customized, DRG/customized
    3 pins - NIN, DRG, PLD

    [insert picture here :) ]
    BG: texture 2, HTML code # 67B2E1