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Enter Synaesthesia

By Laiin
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My second attempt at a human face/form, first attempt at interesting/detailed backgrunds and complete digital image.

Its for a video game poster assignment at TAFE (collage-ish). The game is a techno/trance heavy 3d shoot-em-up which is said to send the player in a trance/synaesthesia through its rich graphics and synchronised sounds. Info about the game here: [link]

Please view the image before you read the rest of my comments.

Only thing I am unhappy with is the hair part, I will work on hair heavy image in a future project.

I can see my style emerging, monochrome skin with max 20% diff between the tones, with strong lips and eyelashes that look like they are expanding and bright colours (esp Hot Pinks and Fluoro Purples).

Thanks for taking the time to check my work out :)
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equinox and noise unit????????
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Wow. I looooove the feeling, I love the slight smile, I love the gradients in teh background, I love the soft tones.. wwwhoa!!!

I did a small filtering to your image, and put the result in my page [link] I hope you do not mind!
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[link] (sorry for the broken link!)
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We really liked your work. We used it in one of article (about Synaesthesia) who sent by one of our writers.
We are sorry we couldn't ask and wait for your confirmation, but if you don't want to share your work please let me know. Then as soon as possible we remove your work from our web site.

But of course we linked back directly from your work in our page to your page in Deviantart...
Here it is: [link]
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very best bkg design
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I think I'min love. @_@;;;
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Erhm, In love due to Rez being one of the most amazing game experiences I've ever had... and then to see this, it makes me want to play it.
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Great game indeed. I want to play it too! :)
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You haven't? :O!
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Late comment.. but.. I actually played this game (on Dreamcast and PS2) and its one of my favourite games... was this design actually used anywhere or was it for school only? Were there any copyright concerns? It's amazing ofcourse.. very very nice! :)
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Thank you :) I used it just for my course.
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I gotta say - this is pretty fresh.
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Thank you, I appreciate the comment :)
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this rocks! i love the simplicity of the female ;)

nice background too
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you did a great job on her
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Thanks buddy, much appreciated. The background took more time LOL!
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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic! + fav!

take a look at my gallery...
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Thank you very much :)

... im heading over there now...
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This is hawwwwwt. Love it, good work. :D
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This is REALLLY goood! love how the lashes and the lips stand out and.. epp!! u used pink i love that color!!^_^ nice job again
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one word - AMAZING.
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Cool, thank you.
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