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Double Diamond's Cutie Mark [Canon]

By Lahirien
Cutie mark of Double Diamond

Vlcsnap-2015-04-05-04h53m35s172 by Lahirien

From S05E01-02 "The Cutie Map"

Free for anyone to use. Credit isn't required, but is appreciated.

:iconadobeai-plz: Double Diamond
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© 2015 - 2021 Lahirien
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Used here! Thanks a lot for that CM!
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I used (and credited) this in a PMV about the S5 premiere!…
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Sweet! Thanks!
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Oh! That's his TALENT mark!?

I thought they were flowers, or something. :P

No wonder he's a skier! :)

His name, though, doesn't invoke skiing. Unless there's some sort of "double diamond" in skiing.
Lahirien's avatar
"Double diamond" is the hardest difficulty level on ski slopes. 
karkovice1's avatar
Of course, not being a skier, I wouldn't know that. :P

I thought he worked in a diamond mine, or a jewelry store, before he came to that Communist village.
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what makes youthink itwas communist?
karkovice1's avatar
The notion that "everybody was equal. No social classes. No one was better than the other." Sounds like Communist thinking to me. :)
Hellsing4lyfe's avatar
No, its sounds like fcking common sense.
For starters, would YOU be willing to be forced to pay welfare to those people , meaning you will have to work EXTRA hard to support yourself and pay your hefty bills? OR would you rather be rich BUT having to pay more than half your annual income to your house (landlords charge you based on how much you earn) AND welfare, AND taxes? OR would you rather be the piss-poor people who can't afford a decent meal let alone a car to try and geta job?
If everyone was equal, that means that there would be no squabbles, class-wise. We also wouldn't have assholes trying to take advantage of the welfare system when they could EASILY work. (And I am talking about those people who have the latest iphones and shit, not the people who actually NEED it)
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Maybe that's why Communism was eventually abolished in Russia. The people over there got fed up with it, and they "revolted". :)
Hellsing4lyfe's avatar
No, it just meant they had heavy American influence and they did not have TRUE communism....
This was not communism that took place-it was a type of government that was near-totalitarian because the leaders took everything. In TRUE communism, that NEVER happens.
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That name is kinda misleading because you can clearly see there is three diamonds on the cutie mark, not two

Also the comment below me is a proper reaction. xD
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"Double Diamond" is the hardest difficulty level on ski slopes, thus his talent of skiing. The cutie mark is snowflakes, so it sort of matches, but not directly. 
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Oh that's interesting I did not know that. e_o That makes more sense now. Thanks!
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