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Cutest Ambassador

By Lahirien
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Put Pinkie Pie in charge of your foreign relations. Even the grumpiest of creatures are guaranteed to crumble before her adorableness, become bestest friends, and negotiate favorable trade agreements. All she needs is unlimited access to baking powder and party supplies.

:iconadobeai-plz: Cutest Ambassador

This is from "Not Asking for Trouble". Refs: Screenshot 2 by Lahirien Screenshot 3 by Lahirien

Cutie mark from intbrony.

You may use this vector as long as you credit me! Feedback is appreciated.

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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I assume that if one blows at it, it will spin like a windmill.
And if not it, then probably Pinkie with it.
Lahirien's avatar
And it will be adorable too! :D
jeremeymcdude's avatar
Insert donald trump trade deal meme here =P
gayars's avatar
very adorable!
Landmark520's avatar
Needs her yak horns.
GreenMint4265's avatar
Aw! Now ain't that cute! :love: Good work, man! :) :D ^^
BB-K's avatar
So adorable. :)
DNLnamek01's avatar
I see this and I can't help but think of Caboose from Season 4 of Red vs. Blue.

Caboose: I would make a great embabdasstor, because I am very shy.
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