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Soundwave and Grimlock

By LagunaL8
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Twas a commission from before... Don’t ask who is on who's side...
Argh...I need to start coloring more for practice. I know Grim looks funny too…
Surprisingly when I took away the black background, I got left with a light version and by pure pure coincidence, it looked like blue skies and clouds...(I think Im liking the lighter better)

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Artwork: excellent. Link: broken. Suggest removing it.
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He actually looks like Gundam Virtue from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", which is one of my favorites, and you made grimlock look like him. That can't get any cooler!
Persona22's avatar
Grimlock looks funn?

What are you talking about! He looks awesome! As Badass as he ever was.
Awesome pic. Grimlock's my favorite Autobot. And after Shockwave, Soundwave is one of my favorite Decepticons.
deadsea2012's avatar
Grimlock looks freaking awesome!!! what are you talking about!!!
Silverninja216's avatar
my two most favorite transformers...awesome!
chazmarin16's avatar
two of my favorite transformers in an epic battle
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"No appear in movie, but at least me, Grimlock, will never be known for tentacle-raping satellites!"

Anyway, awesome artwork. Grimlock doesn't look goofy at all, and it leaves plenty for the imagination, wondering why the hell it looks like him and Soundwave are working together.
NightRaidDECEPTICON's avatar
It has Grimlock AND Soundwave!! awesome!!!:la: :la:
chazmarin16's avatar
cool its 2 of my faves
fhfgbf's avatar
Mistic-Gohan's avatar
Really good job :]
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If this is REALLY a battle, and if I'm placing any bets on who's winning, my money's definatly on Grimlock, cause he's my favorite Dinobot! [link]
swordoath's avatar
This is some serious quality stuff. Well done!
Tyr-malystryxs's avatar
totally aweosme grimlock is the bot lol!!
Silihin's avatar
Great pic, great pose of Grim, great lightning... Fav right away.
DarkStatic's avatar
wow an incredible pic i like a lot
Ketrino's avatar
Ah, I think it looks wonderful.
Sarcastastic's avatar
You're too modest, this colouring is very well executed and the picture is awesome.
SuperSaiyanLink14's avatar
Grimlock smash! *favs*
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I love these two, Grimlock and Soundwave are my favorites :3 This is awesome, I very much like your colouring. Excellent job on the metal tones and the dust!
revvugraven's avatar
That Is just plane out awesome
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