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Heian era

By LagunaL8
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(Commission extra) Girl from a Heian time period. This is from an era way before the samurai & geisha stuff. …one of the reasons I don’t like coloring…Xp
You say: Where’s the intricate designs of the kimono?
I say: Oops? (seriously, I’m not used to using color pencils)
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Lolita-Ragdoll's avatar
O_O this was with colored pencils????

*stares at her colored pencils* they betrayed me =(

This is beautiful and the hair is impressive.
flying-katana's avatar
isn't it just awesome that the first geisha were men?

oh and by the way,


it's awesome.
Moon-Fayth's avatar
Wow beautiful. It looks great. I always thought it was intresting how court ladies of that time had 12 layers on. Very elegant.
sudeki-chan's avatar
^_^ beautiful work! the hair is gorgeous.. and her face is so subtle... ;P
WillMangin's avatar
the hair is great! there's a wonderful flow and the coloring is awesome!!!
i wish i could do that with a color pencil. ^____________^ *favs*
wikit's avatar
very lovely!
Neko-Gal28's avatar
CobaltNinja07's avatar
...Wow, awesome!!
Puffball's avatar
Wow, you do an excellent job with colored pencils! And it looks so elegant! =D I luff!
halflingrogue's avatar
That's a gorgeous piece for coloured pencil. I particularly love the flowers and her hair, and the way her face looks. Pose is nice and graceful, but casual, as well. :)
christopherlee's avatar
If you don't like coloring, how come this pic looks great?
SkinsT's avatar
THAT was done with COLOUR PENCILS ONLY?! O.o

I'm going to fly to Japan to spank your lilly ass if you say you're a bad artist one more time dammit.

Netsubou's avatar
Wonderful piece!!! :clap:
Ryuyujin's avatar
*grins widely* This came out wonderfuly! Mom is going to move it. Thank you so much! When it comes in the mail, I'll have to find a nice frame for it.

Oh! She did see it all ready! Heh. She just told me she saw the email earlier. ^^; And yes, she does love it! I still must find a nice frame for it....
LagunaL8's avatar
Glad you like! : D
I was kinda worried it might turn out goofy cause I used color pencils... something I never actually used alot o.o
Ryuyujin's avatar
It looks great! And thats comeing from some one that use to use them heavily before I discovered alcahol markers. ^_^; Far better then anything I have ever done and nicely textured. Thats the trick with colored pencils. Useing the right paper to get the right texture. Looks like you got that right and also managed to blend them smoothly. I am definutly impressed. And my mom had a grin similar to the ones I get when I see something pretty when she told me she had seen it all ready. And if she likes it, thats all that counts.
twospotz's avatar
how to comment on this beautiful creation? By showing stunned silence.... ;-) :+fav:
PopClicK's avatar
I love the flowers and the way her hair falls.
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Undefeated's avatar
Wow...if you're not used to colored pencils, you did a damn good job of hiding it. Great color job.
slimjim136's avatar
The shading on her hair is really pretty (and shiny! *_*) Her face is pretty too. I love the simple BG :D
NgBoy's avatar
omg that is so beautiful!!!! i love it! *faves over and over again*
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