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female leather armor

female leather armor barbarian
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Feb 24, 2012, 3:18:56 PM
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Whose the model if I may ask?

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I am so in love with your leather works. <3 awww
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I love the fur-trimming.

As a very novice leatherworker myself, how'd you manage the fur-trim?
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When wearing it does it squeak or make sounds when you move?
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Not really... Well , it is leather so it makes the same ''sound'' as a horse saddle... 
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In pathfinder [the game] leather Armour is considered stealthy. Just wanted to know if it was silent in real life, as apposed to clanking armour.
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Hard leather is not the same as ''smooth'' leather (closer to fabric)  used for light armor...  Well... I guess ... I dont use the second type of leather ...
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I see, never realized there were more types of leather. Thanks for the information.

I like the work looks great.
I always imagined leather armor on my d&d characters to look similar to this. And your stuff looks like a corset fit but I recently tried on a corset and found that i couldn't really move in it or bend my back at all. Are your armors more malleable than a regular corset? do you design it for flexibility and ease of movement? can leather actually be flexible enough to move around in while being hard enough to protect you from slashing blows? would your designs actually be functional?
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it's not same design as a corset... The chest part is short enough to let you move..As the picture shows..
I hope you dont mind Laguesue but im planning to make a spaulder fashioned after yours. with some differences. But I am interested in how you put the battle cuts into the pauldron of this armor, I had intended to strap mine to my peg dummy and take one of my swords to it. however, i have 3 hand forged Katana that are sharp enough to cut through a 3 inch thick tree or steel pip with 1 to 2 draw strikes. all my other swords dont even have edges because they are stage steel. I am building the armor for live steel reenactment at renaissance fares and Gorean group.
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well..... I did the scratches before I formed the pauldron, when the leather was still wet.... Because when done, ''cuir bouilli'' is too hard to do carving on it...
Is it on sale?
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Very, very, cool. Great armour and pose.
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I used this armour (because it's so darn awesome) as inspiration for a self portrait: [link]
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Amazing! I fell in love instantly!

Question from a novice if you please: What did you use to cut and smooth the leather? I can never get my edges that neat and clean looking.
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Im using an exacto knife, this (link) and.... Patience.....
you must wet your leather to it.... ^^
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I also use an exacto knife and the wood slicker (I wet it too). SO, with that being said, I guess I just need to have more patience and work longer and harder! Thank you by the way! ^^
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I know, I hate that part of the confection... Toooo long ! ^^
Good luck
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