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3D car wallpaper 1920_1080

Hey everyone,

Well I think it's time to make a little change in my way of working...

I allways kept my works for my own, without letting anyone use the works I made. From now on I will make Wallpaper renders/images aswell, which you may use for your desktop background, if you like=)

So hit the download button to download the full image (1920x1080px) if you like to have a new desktop wallpaper^^

I also think of uploading more clean works from now on with a smaller watermark after oh so many complaints lol...and well I guess if any company would ever look for me (small chance), I got at least clean pictures up here.

So yea...from now on small watermarks in a corner. But this doesn't mean you can use my works when you like to, just the ones I offer as wallpaper, like this one. Thanks for understanding in advance.
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Sick work, love the design!!!
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Thanks dude, I'm glad you like my 3D stuff aswell!
I appreciate it man^^
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Wow! That's a very well done piece of work! :clap:
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Thanks a lot:D Glad ya like the wallpaper version of this one:woohoo:
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You are very welcome! :wave:
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Glad ya think so, many thanks for the comment and fave:D:D
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Ziet er geweldig uit :D
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Thanks man, zat ook behoorlijk wat werk in, goed om te lezen dat het de uren waard was^^ Thx ook voor de fave=)
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deze is gaaf...
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Dankje wel:D:D
Thx ook voor de fave=)=)
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Whoo! Wait now, THIS is really slick. I love the color.
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Hahha thanks man:D I hope this one looks better than the previous one XD Thx mate for the faves aswell:D Yea I liked this color the most of all^^ I tried more colors but this one suits the best^^
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It really does! You're welcome = p

And yeah, that's true. Orange seems to be a good color over all. With a little red thrown into it.
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Yea it is, especially for exotics & tuners!:D
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great job, boy great job =)
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Thanks a lot mate glad to read that comin from ya^^
Anyways wzup man?:D Long time no c o.O
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it´s my pleasure as always =)
yeah I was in Albania for nearly 3 weeks
we did a great great project
if you´re interested take a look at [link]

but now I´m back in "normal" life again so working, studying and drawing =)
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Ah now that looks epic dude, I took a look and I can conclude it's a pretty big 'n Bunky project:D Are you people going to 3D that or why did they measure everything?^^ Just wondering^^

Anyways good to see ur back mate, gl with studies, work and ofcourse art=D
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