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Prom Night

Went to a 'Dr.Sketchy's Anti-Art School' here in Grand Rapids Michigan. One of the poses the model did inspired me to make this.
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*sings ala Buddy Holly* Mary Lou, Mary Lou, that chainsaw sure works for you, oh Mary, oh Mary Looou hoohoo. well you chopped off my head, but I love you Mary Lou.
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Oooh... Nasty =D
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Fantastic. Love what you've done with this. That's my problem at the Dr. Sketchys, I don't think outside the box enough. I usually just draw the pose as is.
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Thanks man! To be fair I did get help for this inspiration through their "draw from the hat" suggestion of drawing her with a chainsaw. I saw her ballgown, thought about the chainsaw, and brought it to it's logical conclusion.
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He isn't the first guy that lost his head over a girl! ;)
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*In Cryptkeeper style laughter* "ah hahahahaha!"
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Really cool job! Nice cartooning indeed! :D
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Thanks a lot! I like to think I'm getting just slightly better each time I draw a new one.
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That is because you are! :D
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