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<span class="">After a long time just runs until September 12th a new d-<span class="">dsc</span> on Deskmodder group<span class="">: </span></span><span class="">
So there are still
3 days to submit your screenshots.</span> :)

Please don't forget to read the rules and vote from September 13. to 15.

More informations:

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If you use Networkmanager and multible network connections in BE::Shell it could be that you are missing an applet for it.

But you can use network manager from GNOME (tested in Kubuntu 12.04, 14.04):

1. Install network-manager-gnome
2. run nm-applet from runner (or krunner (alt+F2) if it is not disabled) or add nm-applet to your autostart

that's it! If you test it in other distributions, please give me feedback!

Update 07/2015:  the package in Arch/Manjaro is networkmanager
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Tue Dec 11, 2012, 12:11 PM
When I came home today, I was tired from my job and the shoveling of tons of snow. And when I executed my messages, I did not realize that also something great happened. At finally, I opened a notice and expected advertising from dA... However, my friend Mario Zamora aka Ubuntico gave me a whole year Premium Membership. For joy it is not easy to find the right words to thank him because words can not describe how precious this gesture is to me. But let me take this opportunity to draw attention to his great talent and his work... It's always worth to have an eye on his gallery:

One of his fantastic Jade jewelry

:spotlight-left: Jade hummingbird by Ubuntico :spotlight-right:

An outstanding desktop setup and GTK2 theme

:spotlight-left: Tron-Legacy by Ubuntico :spotlight-right:

One of his great conky configurations

:spotlight-left: Legacy Conky by Ubuntico :spotlight-right:

Photomanipulation by Mario

:spotlight-left: Rain Forest by Ubuntico :spotlight-right:

One of his great wallpaper

:spotlight-left: Matrix-Code-Linux 1 by Ubuntico :spotlight-right:

Thank you my dear friend for the surprise and joy! All the best for you!

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Hi my dear friends,

I just wanted to remind you all that we hold a Screenshot Contest on Linux-Addicts, where you can win some points!
Now lift your ass and show us what you have for wonderful desktops. :lol:

Here you go to the contest folder where you submit your screenshot: ->… <-

Important! And here you can read our rules: ->… <-

Do not worry, I myself will not participate because it would be against the rules. ;)
So I wish you all good luck and hope for many, many great screenshots!
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is there a chance to use conky and lua in KDE without feh?
Feh causes a very high CPU load. So I would prefer to use conky without this bridge.
I am very grateful for any information.

Update: The Problem is fixed by installing new BE::Shell version! Thanks to all for the answer! :bow:
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I've made some bespin presets last time to combine the latest implementations.
Does anyone have interest in it? Then I would publish this soon as a bundle.
There is nothing special and sometimes only small differences.
... works... ;)
Annoyed by all the handhelds screenshots, I think about leaving some groups. :(

Every day I click away felt 1,000 of such shots and many of them multiple times.

Since this seems to be the new trend, I'm not sure if I want to be in all these groups.

It would be great if you could hide certain deviations... but it's not possible.

Sorry... if I leave your groups also. It's nothing personal! I'll think about it for a little while. ;)
Sorry! Due to unclear license conditions of the used icons in my icon sets, I am forced
to remove these icon sets from this page. :(

The used icons in my sets are all licensed under GPL but that's not right!
For example, in the used hydroxygen icons are included icons (from KDE oxygen icons), which are under LGPL.
Some other people have changed the licence to other incompatible licenses.

The following iconsets are no longer available: