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LGD-N12-imp for CoverGloobus

CoverGloobus theme...

In the screenshot you see it with placed over impulse screenlet: [link]

First you should install this font: [link]

Another version for use without impulse you can find here: [link]
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Awesome skin! using now :)

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Many thanks! Glad you like it! :)
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You can add Impulse to this skin with CoverBox, see eNotify skin :D
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I've a lot of problems with latest coverbox version. It starts only in a window (I'm using KDE). And I can't import any theme. :(

... and I can't found you eNotify skin again. Where is it? Already deleted? :confused:
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Wich KDE version? And did you check for errors in the terminal? Impulse is included in the folder of coverbox skins. Please report me the debug messages using -d option.
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KDE 4.9... I can't check it in terminal because it starts not again after close it from autostart. I'll try it tomorrow again.
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I found a strange error that executable is in use even after it was closed and seems happens only on kde, the fix is ​​to delete the lock file 'rm ~/.config/coverbox/.lock'
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After I deleted this file I've imported my theme and this file is back again.
But it loads the default theme.

Here is my terminal output:

[gaggle@gaggle-LENOVO Dokumente]$ coverbox
Starting D-Bus session...
Checking players...
Connecting... <org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.clementine>
Loading plugins...
Loading skin...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/coverbox/mods/", line 91, in init
File "/usr/share/coverbox/mods/", line 165, in get_xml_file
self.add_text(domitem, item)
File "/usr/share/coverbox/mods/", line 373, in add_text
size = self.get_item_size(domitem)
File "/usr/share/coverbox/mods/", line 196, in get_item_size
except: return Rectangle(0, 0, int(w), int(h))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

Loading default skin...
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the error is in your skin on get an integer for the width or height of items, while covergloobus if missing assign a default value and maybe wrong, coverbox always requires it, also for text items.
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Many thanks for your help!
Okay, I have found the wrong parts.
Now there are a lot of new inconsistencies. :lol:
If I stop my player and restart after a while
impulse freeze in one second. Then I must
restart player (clementine) and coverbox.
The same if I reload coverbox after changing something.

And another question: Can you explain for what
amplified = "2"
exp_factor = "0.8"
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I just installed kubuntu precise and everything worked perfectly, including impulse with the last revision :D
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I reinstalled it again and now it works without a window. :confused:
What I have to do to use it with impulse?
And I tried to install my theme but it does not work.
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You must add impulse files (.py and .so) inside your skin folder copying these from my impulse skin released with coverbox, and for last, add all the code in the section <widget.../> of skin.xml as is in my skin, you can set bars colors, spacing and size.
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Is it possible, that you use 64 bit system?
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yes it's made for amd64 :D
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Love it. It's an old one, so I guess I missed it cause I wasn't watching you back then... A fav!
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Many thanks Pete! :)
I think, it is because I've made two versions of it. ;)
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Is this the reason it looks familiar? You are very welcome, Lars :)
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cool skin =D .... but here there is a trick hehe :)

good job :peace:
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Yes! But for a good looking desktop it needs some tricks. ;)

Thanks man! :)
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Very cool skin !
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Thanks my friend! :)
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Awesome skin Lars :D
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