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July 10, 2004
Ewa by ~lafor is a lovely vector with a slight grungy feel. The vibrant color and smooth lines set in this deviation really set this off as a true winner.
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A portrait of my friend Ewa.
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Hey ! You are featured at MUSTIFIED | [link]
25 Amazing Artistic Vector Portraits [link]
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This is cool! I love the colours and bold simplicity :D
GuiveMaiSlipiDei's avatar
outstanding. how you did it? it looks possible ins illustrator, but how you put the, how do you say, texture?
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Hi, your wonderful work is included in my 2/19/10 Journal Feature of great DA art -- [link]
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for those that play tf2, it looks like she's calling for the medic :XD:
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This is really really beautiful. I love the blue in the shadows.
gabssnake's avatar
all time favorite
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OMG!!:. i love the colors..
they togetherness of the different colors ..damn i never thought these colors exist..
as in.. combined..
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lovely colors :)
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love the vector art!!... love the "simplicity"... i try to make it too! xD but only do... "cosas cutrisimas!! :SSS"

sorry! my english is sometimes..... pour *_*'

great job, i love it!!

and yes put a watermark because to me or anyone to come to see that better, can do it with a watermark too.... and the others not

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I saw this printed onto a bag the other day- did you know about that? It looked badly printed and was all blurry from being enlarged a few too many times.
If I remember I'll try and take a look at it properly- it was in a shop I walked by a few nights ago and recognised it as your work.

If you do know about it, sorry- but it's badly made and if you don't I think it could be a knock off!
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Damn, they rip me off again! Suing somebody's ass from 14,000 kilometers away may be a bit difficult, so I guess there's not much I can do about that. I just hope the quality of these bags is so terrible nobody buys them. Thanks for the info though. Maybe I should start putting some kind of watermark on my pictures or something. Oh well.
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What everyone else said. This is simply AWESOME.
I love the colors in the scarf (my favorites). :) I also love the texture so it's not so sharp and clean looking.
She looks like a gypsy.
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Utterly gorgeous, I love the style you've done it in :)
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Wow! Love it! :love:
Good job!!
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This picture is featured in my blog "Ladies' Room" [link]
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Very cool, I like the way you use colors in piece
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