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Usagi-Doshi Wallpaper

Happy New Year!!! *^___^* A little early. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. Usagi-Doshi = Year of the Rabbit. And who better to leap into the New Year than a little Apple Bunny? :giggle:

Hit download for the full sized wallpaper!

More sizes (widescreen. iPad, iphone etc) available here: [link]

:hug: If you like my work, please join me on BeKyoot's Facebook page: [link] :hug:

Apple Bunny © 2005-2011 Christy Sanderson and BeKyoot Inc. All rights reserved. This is for your personal desktop use only! :hug:
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© 2010 - 2021 lafhaha
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Abyss-Valkyrie's avatar
OOOHHH!!TTTTTOOO CUTE!!ove the colors!!
lafhaha's avatar
:giggle: thank you! *^____^* I was really happy with how it turned out. :hug:
Sanji07's avatar
So cute! I didn't know she was an apple bunny. 8'D
lafhaha's avatar
Yuppers! I should be making an Apple Bunny t-shirt very soon too! :giggle:
Sanji07's avatar
eugenia-aromatica's avatar
You made my year with this cuteness! Happy new year!
lafhaha's avatar
Yaaaay!! you're welcome!! Happy New Year to you too! :hug:
xnyumix's avatar
I like how his ears is the 11 in 2011 :D
lafhaha's avatar
:giggle: Thank you! :hug:
sebreg's avatar
just super!!! very fun and beautifully done
lafhaha's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
Hardrockangel's avatar
The colors in this piece are lovely and they work together better than I would expect, I have to say. The cheerful bunny also immediately brought a smile to my face. Lovely work, dear! :love:
lafhaha's avatar
Thank you so much! :giggle: :hug: I don't know what it was, but it usually takes me forever to decide on colors. This time it really just flew out with ease. I knew exactly what I wanted and where to put things. :boogie: I hope it's an indication of things to come in 2011! :giggle:
Hardrockangel's avatar
You're welcome!
And color-picking is the hardest part, I think. I usually pick an entire palette, only to disregard it later. :giggle:
And I hope so indeed. A 2011 filled with smiles would be great! C:
Hachi-Chu's avatar
Aw, the colors are so pretty~ :iconredbullglompplz:
lafhaha's avatar
Thank you so much!! *^____^* :tighthug:
lafhaha's avatar
Shuuuu!!! Get over here you silly thing! :icongwompplz:
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