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I want a cinnamon roll. ;_; Why do I always do this to myself when I'm on a diet? :XD:

Hit download for full res! :meow:

More sizes are here: [link]

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oooooh yummy
*takes cinnatrapoline*
lafhaha's avatar
Hahahaha!!! :giggle: Poor Mo's gonna get a surprise landing! :giggle:
lafhaha's avatar
Thank you! :D I finally got a cinnamon roll this past weekend. ;_; soooooo good. :love:
xnyumix's avatar
ffff I need 2 gain weight actually but the problem is it`s impossible 4 me 2 get fat XD well good luck on your diet >u> *goes 2 eat more potato chips*
Sanji07's avatar
How cute! Now I want a cinnamon roll. XD;;
lafhaha's avatar
me too. ;_; I shall be wanting a cinnamon roll for quite a while. T_T :giggle: ;)
kimchikawaii's avatar
I love it! You're kitty could probably get a lot of bounce off my belly post holidays. Was reading the other comments, what race are you doing in costume? I do one in May where I dress up. It's really fun.
lafhaha's avatar
Hahaha! Oh mine too! >_< My mom has the house filled with cookies and candy every year so it's very hard to resist. :giggle: I'm going to be doing the Houston EP5K as Happi Paper! :D I figured that would be ok...I can typically spend an hour or so inside the costume even on the hottest of convention days and I can run three miles in about 30. I'm really pretty excited about it! :D
kimchikawaii's avatar
That sounds really fun. I usually don't run the race that I do, they have everyone from runners who do the 8 miles in 30 minutes (!) to walkers which is more my pace. Last year, my friends and I were Jem and the Holograms (that 80's cartoon). Not sure if I am going to do it this year or not. May be too busy getting ready to sell at Fanime which will be my first time selling at a con.
lafhaha's avatar
Ohh!! Well good luck selling at the con! :meow: :hug: I used to watch Jem...I had a Jem barbie too that had the flashing pink earrings. :XD: :giggle:
kimchikawaii's avatar
I'm looking forward to it (and a bit nervous, never done that before). I used to watch Jem too. I thought she was sooo cool :)
SergiLove's avatar
❤‿❤ A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e~!
lafhaha's avatar
Thank you!!! :glomp:
SergiLove's avatar
Y-o-u~A-r-e~V-e-r-y~W-e-l-c-o-m-e~! °3°:tighthug:
nekochan4595's avatar
gah! both of them looks so yummy!! >.<
lafhaha's avatar
Heehee! :giggle: :hug: Thank you!
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You remind me of my friend- every day I show her food or talk about food with her and every day she says "I'm on a diet! Well, fine, I'll start it tomorrow..."

I always thought that jumping on a cinnamon roll must be hard because most are from krispy dough...
lafhaha's avatar
Hahahaa!! We are similar in practice then too. XD I cave to cookies and sweets all too often. ;_; This time around it's a goal I really want to stick to because I'm running in a 5K later this month *in costume* and want to be comfortable as well as not on the verge of certain death. XD

'Tis true! Most of them are inspiration for this one was the grand poobah of sinful cinnamon rolls...Cinnabon. :giggle: They are all soft and gooey. I need to stop talking about them now. :XD: :giggle:
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