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Lich Of Sense Triptych

My entry for the Brothers Apart Contest! (Thank god for contest extensions, I totally didn't think this one was going to make it.) I decided to make a triptych for one of my favorite BA stories, A Lich of Sense. If you've read the story, hopefully you've recognized it! (Triptychs are super cool, they are three-panel art forms that tell a story- traditionally they were mostly used for religious iconography. Also, would anybody be interested in me adding these sorts of things to my commissions?)

Anyways, the Brothers Apart multiverse is a lot of fun, and if you haven't yet you should totally go check it out!

The art is mine, but the BA versions of Sam and Dean belong to nightmares06, and Bowman of course belongs to PL1. Hope you guys like it!
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This is awesome!
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XD If I saw that Lich coming at me I'd bolt the other direction.

These are great! Perfect representations for the story!
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Right? Scary stuff right there. Plus undead wolves so, you know.

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it!
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:la:  I'm so jazzed about this piece, it looks so awesome. x3  You done a very good job. Lookit my poor lil Bowman, pls do not grab XD
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Ahh, thank you! :love: Poor Bowman is certianly in a pickle. ^^; Originally I was going to draw Sam ready with his knife in that panel too, but it just didn't flow right so I simplified it to just Bowman and Dean's hand. XD
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