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One Happy Bum Family
Writer's Note: Okay this is just a silly, hopefully funny, additive to the end of Nostalgia Critic's Balto review. Also, if you don't watch NC or haven't seen the Balto and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Squeakqual reviews, you're gonna have a hard time following along with the character's and situation.
Shortly after being abandoned by Aunt Despair, outside of Nostalgia Critic headquarters, we see Nostalgia critic pawning off Kid Tamara on the most unlikely of caretakers.
Nostalgia Critic:
She's all your's Chester! (roughly shoves Kid Tamara off on a foul smelling, scraggly, homeless man)
Chester A. Bum:
(Excitedly) OH MY GOD I'M A MOTHER!! (Embraces Kid Tamera  as she clutches onto her stuffed teddy, crying. He then sympathetically looks down on Kid Tamara) Oh, there, there. (Smiles enthusiastically) You'll Love Being Apart Of Our Family!
Kid Tamara:
(Terrified) Our Family?!
Chester walks Kid Tamara into the alleyway where a equally smelly and scraggly homeless women is
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! by LaEnigmaDama HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 10 11 \(^0^)/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL!!! by LaEnigmaDama \(^0^)/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL!!! :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 6 25
The Blessed Tree with the Golden Leaves-pg 3
The young boy felt his heart become heavy again, had she worried the meek little tree would not produce enough gold for them to live off of.
“Don’t worry mother” the boy said frantically “ I asked the Lord to give us a means to survive, till I become capable to support us on my own. So our little tree should give us enough to live off of until then. So don’t cry mother, we will be provided for.”
His mother lifted her head to look at her son, and smiled as tears continued to run down her face.
“My Precious Boy!” She said grabbing him into her arms,“These tears are from joy! For the Lord blessing me with such a thoughtful child, that had the good sense to ask for a blessing when I could not.”
Although admittedly, the mother still could not understand how such a miracle could have been possible, she wasn’t about to question a gift of deliverance, and accepted the situation for what it was.
The boy smiled as he sat on the gr
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The Blessed Tree with the Golden Leaves-pg 2
“Mother, mother!” Shouted the boy, “We’ll be alright! The Lord grew us a tree that has golden leaves! The Holy One answered my prayers, and now we will be alright mother! And father can rest peacefully now!”
The boy’s mother stood silent, dumbfounded by her son’s outlandish rant.
“My poor son,” the mother thought sadly, “the grief for his father is making him believe in some kind of hopeful fantasy”.
The then mother crouched down to her son, and held his hands in her’s and began to speak.
“My dear sweet little boy.” His mother began tenderly, “I know you are concerned about how we shall make our living without your father.” Her eyes drifting down in shame, “And I am sorry, for the way I have been carrying on. I’ve been wallowing in my own grief, and have been blind to your feelings.” His mother’s eyes once again returned back to his, “But now you have my full at
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The Blessed Tree with the Golden Leaves
Once there was a boy and his mother, who had suddenly lost their beloved patriarch. 
After the passing of his father, the boy often saw his mother’s desperate cries.
At times, the tears she shed were from loss, for she truly loved her husband.
Others were shed from worry, for he had been their only means of support.
The concocted cries of pain and fear from his mother weighed heavily on the boy, for he was a benevolent child and sought to ease those in pain.
His compassion was so great, the boy began to fret, that his poor deceased father was also in a state of unrest, for leaving them in such a dismal state.
So, that night when the boy said his prayers he asked,
"Dear Lord, I know since my father has been called home to you, he should be at peace now. But he loved us too much not to worry about leaving us with hardly any money. And my mother is so worried. So please, help give us the means to live, till I can take over my father's role. And only give us what we need to surv
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A Smile from Above by LaEnigmaDama A Smile from Above :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 6 10 Simplicity by LaEnigmaDama Simplicity :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 2 4 The Midnight Sun by LaEnigmaDama The Midnight Sun :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 3 2 After the Storm by LaEnigmaDama After the Storm :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 3 4 Legands of the Fall by LaEnigmaDama Legands of the Fall :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 3 7 Evening's Canvas by LaEnigmaDama Evening's Canvas :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 4 6 Change of Times by LaEnigmaDama Change of Times :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 2 9 The Meekest Galaxia by LaEnigmaDama The Meekest Galaxia :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 10 5 Deformation of a Illusion by LaEnigmaDama Deformation of a Illusion :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 2 4 Shell of the Strombus by LaEnigmaDama Shell of the Strombus :iconlaenigmadama:LaEnigmaDama 2 2


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Hello Fellow Deviants : D!!
Well, what can I say about myself. Oh yes, here are some things: I am an individual with XX chromosomes, with two loving parents and has equally loving siblings. I am of legal age to vote and drink alcohol. Why they let voting rights come before drinking? Life's crazy mysteries...I guess : \. I've successfully completed all my years of law required education(throwing in the extra mile to complete high school) and now continuing my education. Worth it? Yes : D. Hard Work? Yes T_T. I'm LaEnigmaDama, and that's all I'm willing to share ; D.
P.S I did not take this photo, nor do I know who did. Also, Buster Keaton and Anita Page belongs to themselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


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