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Camshaft MLP OC - Version 3



This Is My MLP OC Camshaft. 

This OC exists in 2 Forms as a Pegasus and as A Bat Pony. 
Camshaft is original a Bat Pony but with a magical item (tiara or Ring) she can take an magical camouflage to look like a Pegasus. 

I made new Models because that it is Version 3

There are a 1 Pegasus Version and 2 Bat Pony Version. 

Why 2 Bat Pony Version? 
1 version has Bat Pony Ears and the other Vamp Pony Ears 
All 3 Modells have Rings in the Ears that could be change visible and invisible. 

The Pegasus Version has also a Tiara and a Ring on the Body. 
That could also change to invisible

The Bat Pony Ground Modell is from 
The Vamp Pony Ground Modell is From 
The Bat Pony Wings Ground Modell are from :iconglaber:
The Pegasus Version is from :iconglaber:
The Tiara is from :iconglaber:

Also to find here…

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