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Thunder Power Rumble

Another illo for the Power-Con/Thundercon special edition of cereal:geek. Pleased with the composition on this one; not quite as pleased with some of the execution.

Ink on paper, colours in GIMP.
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I second that motion, ... He - Man picked up Castle Greyskull at one time but I'm not complaining , the art is wonderful!
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Lion-O would lose to hard.
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Okay for this to be an even battle shouldn't Cheetarah be in the pic trying to get at She-ra?
Whoa I didn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger had done a Thundercats / you he men live action movie
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Ouch!  :)
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soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
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That's amazing!!! Makes me remember the funny Thundercats comics from Marvel in the 80s!
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It's an excellent execution it's spot on in the feel of the series.
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I was rooting for Lion-O but he is clearly out numbered and out classed. She-Ra is a classy lady... hair pulling notwithstanding.
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Very nice - love the figure work.
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Lovely illo, you modelled He-Man especially well.
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tell me your secrets, why are you so good!
can you recommend what you use/used to practice your anatomy?
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Take embarrassing photos of yourself and cross-referencing them with any decent muscular/skeletal anatomy book -- it sounds like I'm joking, but I tell you it's how I do it. Also, recruit your girlfriend whenever possible.
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cheers, i'll give that a go :)
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That's so great. :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
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I think your style is great, did you had any particular artist as inspiration?
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Thanks! Not any particular artist, no; any good cartoonist is inspiration in whatever small part.
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