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Squiring Teela

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Teela: "Father, I have people to do that."
Duncan: "Your attendant does a slack job. The effectiveness of your battle harness is proportional to the care taken in fitting it. I wouldn't do this in front of your troops, but since no one is looking I intend to see it done properly."
Teela: "I'll talk to my attendant."
Duncan: "Very good, captain."


In the cartoon, Teela was always sort-of an unforgiving ball-buster with Prince Adam. It stands to reason that that was a learned behaviour, I think.
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sidefistProfessional Digital Artist
Very cool! I'd like to see it colored in!
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huzzainHobbyist Digital Artist
cool sketch
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ArtbyBonesProfessional Digital Artist
Heh! Nice idea. A cool insight into the characters.
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angryroosterProfessional General Artist
Amazing gestures! beautifully done and incredibly natural! That's hard enough to pull off with people in regular clothes, much less fully decked out in armor! Great job!
gaijyn's avatar
gaijynHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic job. Also a fantastic body study in general.
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Dylanio21Professional Traditional Artist
This is fantastic too!
Reminds me of the Golden Books of He-Man.
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I must say, your work sends me back to my halcyon days.
I particularly enjoyed the dialogue you included in your remarks. I can picture that very conversation between a father and a daughter versus a general and his captain.

Very stirring and thoughtful as well as a beautifully rendered piece.

Thanks for this.

P.S. I just watched the episode "Masks of Power".
Haven't seen that one in 20+ years.
BustaToons's avatar
Another STUNNING piece of artwork - Also, your little piece of dialogue works, too! :)
freeburgfreak's avatar
Wow, cool. I don't I've ever seen anything like that, in a pose like that, anyway.
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halloween101Hobbyist General Artist
I always did enjoy he-man and the masters of the universe show!
And even the live-action movie with Dulph Lundgren.
I don't care what other people say - That live-action movie hold a lot of good memories from it:)
I'm still trying to get the whole dvd collection of the series, though.
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ShaliaraHobbyist General Artist
Very cool, it's an unusual scene :)
felipemassafera's avatar
felipemassaferaProfessional Traditional Artist
breath taking anatomy, holly shit!!! very very good!
gph-artist's avatar
gph-artistProfessional Traditional Artist
Damn you.

That is awesome. Your compositions always seem effortless, and your handling and 'weight" of people makes your art wonderful. Is anyone doing a current comic of He-man? It ought to be you.

Laemeur's avatar
LaemeurProfessional General Artist
Well, thank you very much indeed!

You're right, I should be doing a He-Man book. Time to give Mattell a call.
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That's such an awesome and unexpected sceen where :w00t: ! Kind of that behind the sceens in Eternia moment, Teela puts on her "battle tankini" by herself but in fact has someone to help put on the harness over it! OMG you should do an opposite at Snake Mountain here Evil-Lyn is forcing a slave to do the very some thing, or maybee Beast Man is doing in their stead and she's getting angry about it cause he keeps doing it wrong :lol: ! Great job BTW, going up in MOTU fave collection!
Laemeur's avatar
LaemeurProfessional General Artist
Glad you like it. I might just do an Evil-Lyn pic (I kinda wanted to work her into the Skeletor pic, but it just wasn't working), but I don't think I'll repeat the scene here. Something else new for her, methinks.
Gwydeth's avatar
90's child does not understand reference, but loves the art.
Laemeur's avatar
LaemeurProfessional General Artist
Thanks. Don't tell me you've never watched He-Man before!
Gwydeth's avatar
Kinda..sorta.. not really?
Didn't ever follow it. Besides, for most of my childhood I lived in the woods with no cable. There was just The Simpson's, Oprah, and World Vision.
Following fuzzy saturday morning cartoons were sad faces of small African children (sad, STARVING, small African children).. no He-Man for I...
Laemeur's avatar
LaemeurProfessional General Artist
Well, living in the woods is better than He-Man in a lot of ways. And, really, I don't think you had any chance of seeing it as a kid in the first place. The show was out of syndication by the late '80s and Mattel didn't release it from the vault until just a few years ago.
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lucas-irineuStudent General Artist
I know I'm replying to an over four years old comment, but I just wanted to say - in Brazil (and probably most of Latin America), He-Man was quite big in the 90s, and perhaps even in the early 00s if my memory serves me right. Not as big as Pokémon and such, but it still aired.
Gwydeth's avatar
Then I might've seen a horrible re-make?
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LaemeurProfessional General Artist
You might have seen either The New Adventures of He-Man from the late '80s, which was awful, or you may have seen the Masters of The Universe re-make from 2004/5 which aired on Cartoon Network which was actually not bad, but didn't feel anything like the original series.
Gwydeth's avatar
All I remember was lots of brightly colored skin (not Simpson's like, of course) and lots of.. um, skin.. on He-Man's part because he's all I remember.
And the color. I already mentioned the color, but I forgot to say that it was bad color. I sound like such an idiot, but it's hard remembering because my memory is clouded by Spice Girls and Aqua and being bitten by snapping turtles...
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