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Luther Strode pinup

By Laemeur
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Well, Image just put up the press release, so I guess I can post this here now.

My friend :iconsobreiro: got a hold of me a little while ago to do a pinup for the back of a future issue of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, which I was delighted to do. The first issue of the comic sold right out, and the team liked my picture enough to want to use it for the second printing's cover! Big thanks to Justin Jordan (I don't know where to link to!) and :icontradd: and Felipe.

Now go buy the comic and make them rich.

* * *

Black and brown ink plus grey gouache on Bristol, with a "multiply" layer of yellow on the computer to make the highlights pop.
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Amazing cover art pic :D
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I have this comic! What a beautiful cover.
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my god that is just soooo badass, love how you made the blood stains on the shirt and just the concept of holding the "hercule's Formula" adds to a sense of depravation/acceptance of the Librarian's "way", i'm faving it XD
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Aww man, I got this printing when it came out. Missed the first and VERY happy I did, this is amazing man. Pulls you in.
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Really well done this...
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I saw this just before it hit the shelves. Amazing work! This cover really sticks with you. I thought about it for weeks!
AyanAyzodei's avatar
Wonderful lines, where does he get those lines! excellence style as usual Laemeur, classic yet 'edgy' and 'current'. Whatever those overused words mean, I somehow know it probably applies here! Seems Image spotted that too.
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so good!,i still dont know what to do for him as a pin up.
grumble-bee's avatar
you and your amazing understanding of line weight! :heart:
blindthistle's avatar
Adam that's freaking awesome! I'm totally going to have to go buy a copy now so I can add it to my collection of Adam Awesomeness :P
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i'm hearing great things about this book so i will be picking this up when i next visit my shop
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Beautiful piece, man. Love the hands.

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dark concept... like it
ADAMshoots's avatar
Your work is as fantastic as ever!
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Dude, I'm still blown away by how great this turned out! Thanks so much for doing this for us, I'm thrilled we could use it as a cover.

Here's the real question: would you rather me tell everyone that you're my brother or my father? Because obviously Alan, Tony, you, me, and all other comic industry Moore's are related.
Laemeur's avatar
Hahaha. Father, definitely! That'll maybe raise a few eyebrows at least.
RandyStoneDA's avatar
Husband would have been a more interesting choice. ;)

This is an absolutely gorgeous image!
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DEAL. Your beard is sure to cause a few people to fall for our ruse.
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man that's so great!
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