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Blackstar Heroes

It's Saturday, 1984. Cartoons are over, cereal is eaten, bed is made, room is clean, and you've just been handed your weekly allowance of five dollars. Mom agrees to take you to the store so you can spend it. Saving money's for suckers.

You race down the toy aisles, and pore over the little plastic muscle-men. There it is! The new Laser-Light BLACKSTAR action figure you saw on TV. There's no laser, of course; you just thumb a wheel in the figure's back and sparks shoot into its abdomen, which lights up a translucent plastic jewel in the chest. Lasers! You pull out the five-dollar bill from your pocket and eye the price tag: $4.99. There's no sales tax in Oregon. Life is sweet.

Back home, you tear open your prize. Behind the figure in the blister pack is a cheaply-printed fold-out poster with the Blackstar heroes; John, Klone, Mara, and the Trobbits. You throw the poster on your bed, grab your new figure, shoot a few lasers, and commence vanquishing the forces of evil. Skeletor and Cobra Commander have formed a shaky alliance -- it's up to John Blackstar and his Starsword to turn the tide.


Super-huge printable version on the download link. Cheers, Saturday morning warriors.
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This is brilliant! We're looking at doing a cartoon in the old Saturday morning cartoon style, and this is wonderful.

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Heard that the original intent was to have Blackstar be black but they settled for an ambiguous tan shade, since the Network liked to have a progressive messages in their shows.

There's some debate over whether or not it's true, but a lot of fans see Blackstar as Native American.

Personally If it's ever revived I think they should go the Elisa Maza route and have him be biracial with a black and native American parent.

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It's always fun to see Old Heroes given a loving rendition!:)

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Thanks for this! perfect Introduction to the Characters.
Please more like this.
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How did I never comment on this until now, you my friend are a man after my own the art, heck I dig all your stuff, this one just particularly speaks to me..... and I dig your write up in the description......perfect!
A good series canceled... but not forgotten.
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OMG you are so on the money with all of that. Live it, did it. Way to go. LOVE IT!
crazyb-a-n-a-n-a's avatar
Haha clever idea ; trobbits 😂😂
I think I still have a DVD set of this series.
furtiveartist's avatar
I've been a sucker for Filmation cartoons for as long as I can remember, but the Blackstar cartoon went the extra mile for me: I was a nascent D&D player when it hit the small screen, and it took my D&D dreams on a magic carpet ride.
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I love this piece. Well done.
jaycebrasil's avatar
beautiful memories
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Gorgeous :) Glad to see someone else loves Blackstar just as much.  
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Acording to Wikipedia, this show is dated to 1981, not 1984 (I think action figures were sold when the show aired).
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No, the figures didn't come until a few years after the show was cancelled, actually.  Unlike He-Man and The Masters of The Universe, which was commissioned by Mattell to serve as a promotional vehicle for their toys, Blackstar was undertaken by Filmation with no merchandising tie-in at all.
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Was that because of stircter children's commercial laws earlier?
I love the art, and I love your story!
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I really like the colors used here.
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You can add Galtar and The Golden Lance to this 80's Saturday mornings Super Heroes group !
Beautiful art !
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Great piece. I especially like your vision of John Blackstar.
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This is awesome! What a great blast from the past
MicahJGunnell's avatar
So cool! Love that rhino dude!
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The text is so melancolic and the picture is very impressive! :) Thanks to sharing your child's memory! :)
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