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Beauty and The Beast 1933

Another illo for Trey Causey's Weird Adventures.

Clearly I'm going for a King Kong thing here, although we've got a flying mystic and an efreeti instead of a gorilla. As I was looking at King Kong posters for direction, though, I was much interested in the way that scale is manipulated and the rules set by reality are disregarded when we're trying to make a more effective picture. The show-girl, the plane, the building, all of these things are disproportionate to one another, but had I shrank the efreeti, he'd appear less preposterously gigantic; had I shrank the show-girl to match the scale of the building, she would have just been a speck in the drawing -- the brain is great at forgiving/ignoring those details as long as the picture tells us what we want to know. That's why cartooning is so wonderful and interesting to me, really: because what cartoonists do is talk to the brain in its own language of symbols and relationships, and not in the fixed and unalterable laws of optics.

Brush and pen on Strathmore 400 (about 10x15"), colours in GIMP.
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incredible!! you are really talented, this is amazing!
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too talented for your own good.
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Look at that tiny lady and her big silly hair! Heeheheheee!
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Hahaha. It's supposed to be a big feathery headdress, but it does just look like massive hair, doesn't it? Hrm.
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she has the "my giant hair and I are far too good for this shit" look for sure
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Awesome work! The perspective looks great!
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This is awesome!
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great artwork!!
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