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Favourite Visual Artist
Sienkiewicz, Swan/Anderson, Adams, Toth, Berry, Wood, Feininger, Gibson, Raymond, on and on...
Favourite Writers
R.A. Lafferty, Frank Herbert, Philip Dick, William Gibson...
Favourite Games
Asteroids, Juno First, ...
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pencils, pens, brushes, and many pixels.
Other Interests
science fiction, old computers, music, and synthesizers
A couple people have asked, so here's the extremely cursory version of how I get "dots" using GIMP. I'll write this up better when school's out, kids. The way I do it involves creating two palettes, one with the 64 R/B/Y colours as their perfect RGB equivalents (“R” = 100% magenta = blue 255, green 0, red 255; R2B = 25% magenta, 100% cyan = red 191, green 0, blue 255; etc.), and one with my custom colours (which I've generated using the same process as in the first tutorial) -- both palettes must have all the colours in the same order! When I've finished colouring an image using my custom palette, I copy the colour layer to a new f
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Well, I finally took a crack at writing that tutorial I've been talking about for months. The one about colouring in an old-comics style, I mean. Over at my blarg, I've posted the first of what I'm hoping will only be two parts. It doesn't get into halftones at all, so if all you care about is the dots, prepare to be disappointed. Read here:
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(see: Daily Deviation) Woohoo! An honour, an accolade, a celebration of my stupendousness and unassailable superlativity! Thanks to everyone who came and looked around, double thanks for the all the favourites, and a third helping of thanks to those of you who took the time to comment. I try and stop by peoples' pages as I'm deleting the feedback notifications, but I got flooded from this, so no guarantees. A special flavour of thanks go to y2jenn ( for the feature. And thanks to the deviantART staff for the site, which really is great, even though I never hesitate to bitch when it irks me. I've recently revived the blog I tried to star
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Congratulations on your DD! Love your gallery!

Your artwork is beyond amazing. Well done! ✌😉
Hello how are you doing 
Fantastic work! ;)
Thanks for the fave! :)  Your work is breathtaking!
Amazing work! Love it. :)
Love your art man! :)