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Game, Set, Match

I've been sitting on my butt for a while, so I figured it was high time to post some art again.

Lazy person that I am, this is something I drew about two years ago. I scanned it almost half a year ago, methinks, so the blame is completely mine that it hasn't seen the light of day on the interwebz until now.

Anyhow, this is yet another piece inspired by the Neverending Story. Yeah, don't know how that happened, but I figure it exists as a nice companion to my other piece of the Childlike Empress.…

This is the Wicked Sorceress Xayide, enemy to Fantasia/Fantastica and harbinger of the Emptiness (you'll have to forgive me on my knowledge of the character, I'm limited to only having watched the movies as well as a few episodes of a crudely animated version of the series). The design isn't really based on either of her incarnations from those versions of the story, I more or less just drew her to be the antithesis of the Empress in my previous drawing. ^^; She's seen here having captured the loyalty of Bastian, wearing the AURYN with which he can wish for pretty much yeah, that's trouble. I like the idea of her being pitted directly against the Empress, since they seem to be the most prominent female characters of the series. Screwing with Bastian's head has to be like the biggest insult, since he's entrusted with such sacred powers. But I'm rambling...

The hand in the back is supposed to be Xayide's castle (and yes, it has manicured nails, because I say so). I wasn't sure how to make it look more castle than this is what I got. :faint:
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Oooh~~I like very much! GREAT names for a great story and a fabulous dress:heart:
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Aha thanks. :blush: I still haven't read the book, but I wanted to try depicting the character differently from how I've seen her before. ^^; Her dress was fun to figure out, though looking at it now I admit it's kinda simple. I need to work on illustrating more complex outfits. ;)
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Sounds like a cool idea:nod: And, hey, I drew Lust before I ever saw FMA:shrug:

Outfits are tough:nod: I always end up printing a ton of reference photos out just to get ONE outfit to look right once I transfer the idea onto paper:faint: