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Bizarre Labyrinth-Related (I Think...?) Sketchdump

I feel like there was a story here, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. The first two are definitely Sarah and Jareth. I think the lady in the plate armor miniskirt down on the lower right is Sailor Galaxia. The person she is back to back with who is clutching an invisible, idk? And the chick with the Gatorade logo on the left side of her I don't know why her nipples and crotch area are visible...unless...oh no...I swear it isn't Will and Matt. At least...I hope it wasn't. Fuck me, it probably was. :X
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I thought I spied a Galaxia~~~~:highfive:
LadyZimaMythos's avatar
She's wonderfully easy to draw. ^^;
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And she's got great hair!;)
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Oh yes. Can't ever forget that long, luxurious, impossible multicolored hair. :giggle: