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Art Spotlight 👑

Gift art: Crono and Lucca, remake! by LadyYomi, visual art

Art Spotlight 👑

FFVII: Witch Aerith, Halloween 2020! by LadyYomi, visual art

Art Spotlight 👑

Digimon OC: Strawberry dress April! by LadyYomi, visual art

Art Spotlight 👑

Chrono Trigger: Marle's victory pose! by LadyYomi, visual art

Art Spotlight 👑

FFVII: A Hero is born! | Cloud's birthday, 2020. by LadyYomi, visual art

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2020 Art summary: Lady Yomi!

🎨Artist & Writer📚 | SFW | Multishipper with OTPs💌 | ❌No Antis/Drama | 💡Repost/OC fanart? Credit me!©

✍Now posting: FF7 | FF6 | FF15 | KH | Terranigma | TLoZ | Digimon | Retro JRPG/Anime | OC + Canon/OC art.

✍Art Status: Requests, Trades, and Commissions are closed until further notice. I love to make Gift art for friends, but only when I feel like it.

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🔴About me: I'm Yomi, an OC-friendly multishipper artist that first joined Deviantart in 2012. I ship many Canon characters together, but I also create Canon/OC ships! 😉 As a multishipper, their canonicity isn't relevant to me. I'm just having fun with the possibilities and I hope you will too!❤

💡Important: I ship what I want (antis: go away) and I refuse to engage in ship wars or bashing. I don't reply to fandom drama of any kind, and I ignore/block anyone who targets me.

Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop & Paint Tool Sai.

FF7R Art 🎨

I'm here to let you know you can now find me on Twitter as "ladyyomi_tweets"! 😎 There, I usually share my illustrations, some favorite works by other cool artists, and the occasional meme/relatable post. 💖 Twitter solved my previous banning issue (a bot flaged my former account "ladyyomi_art" as spam and kept locking it no matter what I did) and, thankfully, it hasn't happened again, so I'm looking forward to hang out there! 🤟😉 P.S. It's worth mentioning that I left Instagram because the algorithm was screwing me badly and it stopped making sense to crop my images to fit the site's arbitrary square format. 👅
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I'm so moved! 😁💖 I noticed that a kind person shared my Eremika drawing on Twitter and it got over a thousand likes! 😱✨ The comments are lovely as well and I couldn't be happier due to this nice surprise! Thanks a million for crediting me when reposting my art! ❤
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It's time for a new feature! I want more people to enjoy my younger sister ShimoDuck's art, so here's some of my favorite pics from her! 😁💖 I'll also include some of the MMD videos she posted on her Youtube account, I'm hoping you like them so much as I do! 👏✨
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Guess what? It's my birthday today and I received a pair of beautiful, artsy, breathtaking gifts from @ShimoDuck & @bubblegum-girl that I want to share with y'all! 😁🎉 I hope you guys like these gifts so much as I do! Go show them the love and support they deserve! 🎂💖 ¡Las quiero muchísimo, Klaw y Jio! ¡Gracias por convertir mi cumpleaños en un recuerdo maravilloso que siempre atesoraré! 🙏🎁
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Greetings! 😁✨ I forgot to announce it here (lol), but it's been a while since my Spanish Canon/OC FFVII fic is available in English. I've already translated 18 out of 37 chapters, but it'll be longer than that since I'm still writing the Spanish version. You can read it on FFN or AO3, here's some info about it! 🔹Fandom: "Final Fantasy VII". 🔹Title: "The Why of Things". 🔹Rating: Teen & Up | No Archive Warnings Apply. 🔹Genre: SciFi/Romance. 🔹Summary: "His mentor's disappearance causes Zack Fair to discover a haunting truth about the mega-corporation he works for. Will he succumb to the alien calamity that seeks to seize the planet through him? Everything hinges on his capacity to grasp the reasons of the woman who betrayed him." 🔹Tags: Slow burn, No smut, Canon-Typical Violence, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Character Death Fix, Temporary Character Death, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Slow Build, Shippy Gen & Angst with a Happy Ending. 🔹LINKS: AO3 | FFN
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Miku Love [V1] Jenni amiga pechocha, hermosa.

¡¡¡Gracias por regalarme una Esmeraldita!!!Love

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Nadie me había dado un regalito de esos antes. Siempre quise uno. Gracias, gracias, me dio un super gusto!!Hiyori Yukine Yato (Double Hug) [V1]

¡Aww, me alegra que te haya gustado el obsequio de bienvenida! 😁💕 ¡Quería darte un diamante pero como no tenía suficientes fragmentos para canjearlo opté por una esmeralda, je je! 💎✨

No importa si no fue un diamante, asi hubiera sido cualquier cosa, me habria sentido igual de feliz, Jenni 💖💖💖💖💖💖 Grashias 😊 :happybounce:

¡Aww, gracias a ti por compartir tus preciosos trabajos con nosotros! 😁🎨💕

Un poco tarde, pero, muy Feliz y maravilloso cumple! DA ni siquiera ya nos da los avisos de los onomásticos, así que lo tengo que apuntar xD

Bueno en verdad que deseo hayas pasado un día maravilloso y genial con toda tú familia y amigos y que sigas otro año tan talentosa, excelente artista y sobretodo, una excelente chica buena onda como siempre lo eres tú, te estimo y admiró mucho! Besos y abrazos!

¡Muchísimas gracias por recordar mi cumpleaños y regalarme este precioso mensaje de felicitación! 😄💙 La pandemia está pegando duro por aquí, pero pude reunirme unos minutos con mi familia en la acera (hace meses que no los veía) y recibir unos obsequios que agradezco de todo corazón. 💕

¡Cuídate mucho, querida! ¡Espero que tú y los tuyos sigan gozando de buena salud, felicidad y prosperidad! ¡Sigue compartiendo tu creatividad con el mundo! 🙏💖

Thank you so much for the watch! <3

Your gallery is absolutely spectacular! Your AoT Oc is so beautiful and seeing that you are a Hakuouki fan aswell brings back so many good memories for me. :love: