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Still don't know if anyone here follows this, but just in case, reSWAN 25 is available for your trauma/enjoyment right here!
I'm good at forgetting to post this here every other month, apparently.

So if you only check here for some reason, you'll have two to read!  

Here's the post on tumblr!

Or a direct link if you're so inclined. 
I haven't updated you guys here since October! But I post a new reSWAN chapter every month, around the 10th-12th, just depending on my damage that particular month.  

So if you only get your reSWAN updates here, you have a lot to read, haha.  

Here is 22!  Have fun going back if you need to!
oh god how is it so many

But somehow, yes, here is Chapter 19 of the Song Without A Name rewrite!  I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun writing a lot of this one. 
I was tagged by MurderDuck who asked for Yo-Yo!   Thank you!  :D :D

- Post these rules. 

- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

She's easy to spot in all these - purple hair and a general infestation of black feathers.  She's accompanied by Banshee. 

Mature Content

inside by ladyyatexel
  i'll make you sing by ladyyatexel

Mature Content

GUTS by ladyyatexel

Mature Content

New Start - Change by ladyyatexel
sideways by ladyyatexel   in my black and red dress by ladyyatexel

I made Yo-Yo when I was in junior high, so some aspects of her are appropriately ridiculous!

* Yo-Yo came out of an egg! She hatched looking about age five or six.  A lot of my reasoning is lost to the wilds of junior high logic, but she was formed from the combination of three people who were involved in some dramatic love triangle and a phoenix that lived near the turmoil was so affected by it, she laid the egg that contained Yo-Yo.  No one involved was sure about the relationships they had, let alone was planning on having a hatched child in their house.  The three people involved were all different species, even.  They were a dragon, a phoenix, and a cat, all taken humanoid form.  Yo-Yo has some green tinges in her skin from the dragon lady, and the glasses from the cat guy.  The phoenix guy I guess made this all even possible?  Though it's his part of her that makes all this feather business possible.

* Yo-Yo's black feathers aren't hers.  Or they didn't start out that way.  Yo-Yo lived in a house with like half a dozen other people, and one of the people was actually masquerading as one of her parents' pets fora long time.  He was a tiny black phoenix named Angkor.  Yo-Yo developed a giant crush on Angkor, who was far older, and she stole a few of his feathers.  One of them let her use it like a magic wand, and she started wearing the others like jewelry.  This was only a little weird, and then the feathers began fusing with her because of her obsession with Angkor, the magical power she inherited from her parents and because the one parent was a phoenix as well, though he wasn't a black one like Angkor (who is actually the only one).  

These are some tiny doodles of the current redesign of Angkor with Yo-Yo.   angkor and yoyo by ladyyatexel   

This is the last drawing of Angkor done with his old design, and one of the last of Yo-Yo not being super fucked up by all this feather business.   Remedy by ladyyatexel

* Yo-Yo may have actually been somewhat creepily involved with Angkor, making the feather problem even worse.  

* The feathers have been rooting themselves deeper and are taking over her body.  They're growing more like them around the sites where she originally put feathers as a decoration.  They're why her eyes have turned black, and why she's getting all these tiny bits of dark void in her skin. 

* Yo-Yo and Banshee are from different universes.  Banshee can travel across universe and Yo-Yo is stuck in just two or three realms in her own universe on her own.  She and Banshee travel together in a sort of mutually beneficial but incidentally antagonistic relationship.  Yo-Yo's goal - or rather, her feather's goal - is to get Banshee to take a feather and spread them further.  Banshee is disgusted by power that was born from obsession and wants nothing to do with it, but is interested to see how it will progress on Yo-Yo, so she sticks around.  In non-feather-possessed moments, she rather likes Yo-Yo.  

* She has two siblings (2/3 siblings?) who are the natural children of the cat dude and the dragon lady.  She felt they replaced her when they were first born (they're twins), but she's quite protective of them, even when having bad feather time. 

* I used to have a special set of colored pencils I used to color her.  When I designed her, it was with a set of pencils that weren't my then-standard Crayolas, so I felt I could only draw her when I had those specific pencils available.  Her hair color in particular was a big deal.

* I have absolutely no recollection of why I named her Yo-Yo, I only know that after a while it totally sounded like a real name.   This isn't even like a weird nickname, it's just straight up her name.  I have no idea.


God, I have no idea who to tag, I don't have much of a community of original character people here like I once did!  I'd like more people to talk about original shit with.  
For the few of you keeping tabs on such things here, I've got another one of these out somehow!  I'm on a streak of getting them out almost monthly, go me.  This one is called 'Greatest Show Unearthed', what could possibly happen in this one? 

You can read it here:…

I hope you enjoy it if it's your thing!
I updated this the other day, for anyone still tracking that happening here!  I'm still so happy with this story, even if what's posted of it is now longer than the original!  

reSWAN 17 is right over hyar.
The only journals I ever post here, haha.  

But yeah, more adventures with my heavily damaged musical teenagers await!  We are heavy on both the music and damage this time around, yay!

Here's chapter 16!

The reSWAN project was only going to be a few chapters when I started, and then I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd started the real version of the story and I needed to tell it all the way through again.  Then when I decided to do that, I thought it would be shorter.   I was also wrong about that.   So, you'll probably see me talking about this for A While.   It's become more important to me lately than it almost ever has been, and like this story has such a habit of doing, it came back to me at just the right time.
I don't know that anyone here is following this, but if you are, it is here!
I actually don't know when the last time I posted here that I'd updated this was, so this may be much further than some of you have seen if you're only relying on me posting here to see that something's been added, but here we are!

reSWAN 14 now exists, and you can go consume it here~
Lady's Painting Sell-Off! 

I recently moved and in the course of moving discovered that I just really have a lot of paper, SO, over the next little while, I'm going to be putting some paintings and drawings up for sale.  

Many of them are a few years old, but a good portion of it is fandom work that many of you started following me for in the first place, so you're likely to find something you like!   Since much of the work is a few years older, the prices are also lower than what you'd pay if you'd commissioned the images as well, so you'll be getting some good deals as well!

The list of what's currently for sale (and what as been sold!) is here.  I'm uploading as I find and sort through things, but if there if something in my gallery in particular that you're curious about owning, let me know.  It might not be something that I'm willing to part with yet, but in case it is, I'll make an effort to locate it a little faster than the pace I'm going now. 

There's no time limit or window of opportunity here.  I'm planning to make this something I offer all the time, and the stock will just be changing as I find things or decide I can part with them.  

Check it out, pick something up, maybe help me pay a bill!

Guys, would you satisfy some curiosity for me?  I don’t want you to assume anything based on these questions, I was just really thinking about these things this afternoon.

Do you think you would recognize my artwork as mine even without my name attached?  Like, if I was posting as tumblr user ‘ilovespacelizards’ or something, would you say, ‘Bullshit, that’s Lady Yate-xel’? 

And, related, what’s the stuff that you think of as my style?  Like what are the components of my work?  Do you think of certain lines or certain colors or certain ways of rendering things?  What is it that makes you go, “Oh, that’s LYX”, if you do so at all?

I’ve got stuff in an art show thing tonight and I’ve just been thinking about this.  I posted this on tumblr too, so if you're also there and want to answer me there instead, feel free! 


Figured I'd leave this message here, since I suspect there are a few of you left who still care about such things!  

I'm leaving Thursday morning for the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention in LA this weekend, but I should have some art when I come back from it.  (Weirdly, probably none related to the topic of the con, haha.)

I don't have any art in the show this year, but if any of you want Yeti Books and you'll be at the con, I can bring them to you so you don't have to pay shipping.  I'm asking for payment in advance for those because I don't want to bring shit to the con that I don't have to.   Get in contact with me over the next 24 hours if that sounds like something you'd like to do!   

I'll sell off what ever's left after the convention, if you wont' be in attendance!  

Also, you should say hi if you're going to be there too~
I have my doubts about who even reads these things anymore, but I just wanted to give a heads about what I have going on.  As usual, I guess, the best place to actually see what is going on is my tumblr, but to break it down:

- I had to do a lot of shit for generic winter holidays, so it was hard to keep up on the reSWAN shenanigans, but will try to resume normal operations on that front soon.   I'd honestly like to finish it.  And not like, eight years later.  There's a lot of it written, I just have to fill in the holes.  So it'll be around soon! 

- Have a commission to do this month from a fandom AU thing I don't really post to this site, but you'll probably see because it's a commission.

- Sudden violent love for some shit in the series Babylon 5, so I apologize, but you'll be seeing some of that mixed into whatever else I do that you're here for, haha. 

-There was something else, but I've forgotten, hooray!
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Well, it's a little too close to what I'm currently working on for my own comfort, but I felt like it had been a long time, so here we go with reSWAN12!  

There's some good familiar feeling things despite literally all of it being something new.   Hope you enjoy it!  

I have a lot of doodles and drawings from around this point in the story, I should post more of them here!  They end up in clusters on LiveJournal of all places, mostly.  But soon scraps here will update too. 
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Sorry for the delay, I was just not quite ready!   

</span>But here it is!

 This bit is filled with stuff that I only ever did in the background in the original, so now it’s coming up front where it belongs.   I was so excited about the song in this one, I was screaming. 
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I'm supposed to have a reSWAN update tonight, and in fact think I'm ready for it, but I have to go on a two-overnights trip for work, and I do not know if I will have Wi-Fi in my hotel, so there may be a delay.  If I could have put it up earlier, I would have, but it's only Wednesday and already this has been a fucking rough week.  
I had to switch to a bi-weekly updating because I'm running out of buffer material and since starting a job, I don't have eight hours a day to power through writing anymore.   But I'm still doing my best to go forward with this. 

This chapter is like, 99% new material, with only the first scene looking at all familiar.  I hope you guys enjoy it!
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I've been feeling really dissatisfied with my art lately and I don't really know what to do to fix it.  I don't know what I'm not liking, I don't know what I'm not feeling.   I know it's only rarely that I look at my own work and get extremely excited about it, so I'm not expecting that, but I'm not liking the feeling I have about it now regardless.  

I've been excited about what doing the Johnny stuff has done to some aspects of what I'm making, but other parts of it are falling sort of flat to me and I don't know what to do with it.  I have no idea what the right course of action is.  Do more? Do less? Force myself to do something? Let something just come?  Do nothing for a while?  

No idea.   But it's been sort of frustrating. 
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It's up~~~  I need to make some other journals so my list isn't just a torrent of these updates, this is just one of the few places I know I still have a concentration of SWAN-people.

This contains all the school tour in the dark/roof stuff, so we're back to the combo of totally new content and altered old content.  It's great, I loved doing it especially because this roof stuff was so dear to me and was fondly remembered by other people.
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