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Any Shape

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Amethyst, from Steven Universe.  The Gem I fell for first~ 

Here she is on Tumblr, please don't repost her, but reblog from me.
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This is awesome! Amazing job
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Really? :P
What do you like about her? :)
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Jeez, what don't I like.   She's loud and goofy and aggressive and uses super casual tumblresque speech like calling people dude and stuff.   She's confident and powerful AND she's short and fat and the first two are not diminished by the second two.  She's amazing, and really she's the most like me.  

All the different shapes the female characters on this show come in, and that every one of them has been a whole real character, has made me cry on more than one occasion, and I think Amethyst was the first to cause that to happen (followed quickly by Sadie). 
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Ah. I remember. . . X3 It feels like forever since I first watched it. Yeah, I really liked her character, too ( and Garnet's)

Yeah, that really surprised me. I can't think of a show I've seen where they do that as well. I wish there was more of that.