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Never one without the other
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She closed her eyes for a brief moment and let her mind wander off. She thought about the past, her beautiful but yet somehow an ironicly dark and sad past. In the field of tulips, there we layed our hands intertwined together, the sun playing against our skins. One dark and another much fairer. He brushed the stray hair away from her round almost porcelain skin and kissed her forehead before whispering forever into her ear. What simplicity love can be and yet with religion, with families, love can be so complicating. Within that 5 mins of her mind wandering it brought her back to the most cherished 4 years of her life. When she met him at
A sad love story
It hurts when someone you love so much doesn't feel the same, It hurts even more when your heart's breaking and u can't cry, One thing that haunts me every day and every night is your name, I'd say I'm happy for you, but you'd know it's all a lie. I told myself I would never come in between you and your girl, I know your happy with her, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, My heart breaks every time you say that she's your girl, I wanted to be your girl but I guess I was never your first choice. Looking at you, looking at her, I wondered if I could've made you happy, Your smile, your laughter, your face and your vo
Lost and Broken
In this field of sorrow My heart turns to dust I forget the feeling of love And become accustomed to lust You have forsaken me And left me only with pain To mend my broken heart To prove my life isn't vain My angel wings are broken My innocence is lost I had given you everything And not thought of the cost Now I am left with nothing But this shredded heart I have to pick up my life For a brand new start
It's sad
It's sad, How people lock themselves up, In their own little world. We lie to ourselves, Say that everything's alright, Everythings fine. We wear the mask, And act the part, And say it's all part of the show. We live in boxes, See in darkness, And speak in lies. I't's our world That we live in, Why should it change?
Dragon TUTORIAL: Wings
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