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Mournful Tattoo
It begins as a whisper, a faint wraith of a thought
that rises to a cacophany within the soul...
Gnawing and nagging at the mind,
from childhood a constant compation.
It turns into an ache, deep in the bones
seeping melancholy into the blood, filling the ears
with the mournful tattoo of another's memories, or so it seems.
It is a homesickness, for somewhere you have never seen,
at least not within this life.
A longing for misty shores and whisp gray clouds
dotted with keening seabirds, white cliffs rising against the foam.
A yearning for far reaching fields of heather and wildflower"s bloom
tumbling to meet beaches along rocky bays,
while ancient verdant forests breathe life into all who
give them love in return.
T'is but a shade within, a single gossamer filament
upon which to hang a hope that perhaps one day
you will find your way home at last,
and know peace.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 0
What Really Matters
Time is but an illusion, where the heart is concerned.
True bonds never break, even when pushed
to what seems like the brink of oblivion.
Sometimes those we hold most dear are the same
to bear the brundt of our darkest shadow self.
But when the fog lifts, and the sun shines again,
all that matters are the moments of beauty
and joy that memories keep close.
Like jewels buried in deepest earth, refined by
pressure, ages, and flame.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 1 1
An Offering to the Liesmith
You speak to me in so many ways
my beautiful mischievous one...
Through the laughter and sparkle
in the eyes of a child, I hear you.
In the crackling flame of
a winter's eve fire, I hear you.
In my lover's soft whispers
enrapt in passion, I hear you.
I see and feel your presence
at all times, and in all things.
I give thanks to you for the teachers
you sent to open my eyes.
I give thanks to you for the lessons
you wrought to open my soul.
I give thanks to you for the fire
you sparked to open my heart.
You have made me more
than I ever thought possible to be.
You have shown me the path
of self truth despite all odds.
Dearest Loki, beloved fulltrui,
to you I owe all that I am
and have yet to become.
Through you I find strength,
joy, and mirth that kindles the gift
you so graciously bestowed upon
us who endure this mortality.
Giver of the Life's Blood, God of Fire,
Silvertongue, ever true to yourself.
I shall love, praise, and follow you always...
that I may be even a shard of your reflec
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 1 1
Painted Moon
Last night was a painted moon
distracting my soul
and making my mind wander.
Thinking on the future,
remembering the past...
things too deep to speak,
too hard to explain
to those who weren't there.
A painted moon filled with longing.
Illuminating hopes, stirring me.
Fighting the urge to wander,
and pulling me distant,
listening to voices from years long gone.
Whispering to me from
the grove within my soul
beneath that painted moon.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 0
My world is coloured with heartache
as the ground crumbles beneath my feet.
I grasp with desperate hands
for understanding within chaos.
A heart of glass shattered on the floor,
it's trust and love flippantly cast aside
seemingly without care or reverence.
All has turned to wormwood.
My love is now painted in bitter truth,
a somber scarlet from wounding deep.
I see you before me in all your beauty,
but smoke and mirrors mar all that remains.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 2
Dare to Dream by ladywillowraven Dare to Dream :iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 0 Ghost of Youth by ladywillowraven Ghost of Youth :iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 0
To Walk a Shadowed Path
Pained and longing
searching for truth,
I hear it whispered
through thunder, rain,
and dark forests deep.
Ambling shadows
at the edge of worldly vision
seek me out...
speaking memory,
sharing wisdom.
A black flame lit path
descends towards
seven gates.
To worlds beyond,
forbidden and forsaken.
A ghost pale hand
reaches from the depths
of an inborn void
pulling my spirit,
showing me the way.
Illumination of new beginning
long foretold
by a decade lost friend.
Despair not my teacher,
for my heart has listened well.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 1 2
People exist in hollow spaces...
some are home,
some are prison,
all are what
they make them out to be.
Perhaps deep and dank
filled with creeping things
and monsters of memory.
Nightmares we harbor
and feed with fear.
Others pristine
crisp, fresh, sterile.
A step beyond blemish
kept in righteous order
blending to the rank and file
because it's expected.
We exist in a world
make of honeycombed hollow spaces.
Locked in our cells
so close, but separated
scaled inches to miles.
Hollow emotions, hollow words,
hollow people.
Where has all the substance gone?
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 1
Bell of the Dawn: Prelude
High above the roof of the World, beyond the mountains and beyond the imaginations of but a few, there stands a keep as old as the Universe...forgotten by time.  The sun rises and sets here just as it does upon the homes of the mortal world, but the rising and setting bear no meaning here other than that the Universal Clockwork is still upon it's course.  This is the World Keep, a mighty fortress built by the mind of The All. It is also the home of The Bell of The Dawn, a great mithril bell older than even the keep itsself.
As the dawn begins to break, we see the vibrant royal blue and scarlet red of roof tiles for the keep.  It is a beautiful day full of promise and tinged with the unknown yet to come.  The air is shifting however, and has become the wind of change. On this day we find a wise dragon intently reading a tattered scroll.  His platinum scales glisten rose and gold in the light of the rising sun.  
When all the br
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 2
My Other
You seek the woman who has never been born.
Well, I am here just out of reach.
My spirit aches to be rebound
But I know it is not meant for this life.
I must bear this pain and love from afar
My gentle one, my missing shard.
It breaks my heart to remember
but memories are all I have.
A ghost of a notion,
an echo of the past,
remembrences of passion...
So far away, so very long ago.
My golden angel beneath the desert sun.
My longed for lover on icy seas.
My compassionate rescuer of noble heart.
Memories in dreams of life after life.
My heart, my other.
Our faces may change, but the eyes remain the same.
Your songs call to me across the sea of time.
My heart responds, my soul it knows...and weeps.
There is purpose to be found, in this I have faith.
And hope remains within me still for our next life.
So sing me to sleep and to Morpheus' sweet realm
that my memories may sustain my heart until next time.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 5
The Toll
When all the brilliance of days has gone
Who shall remain to sing the songs?
Of love and glory of unending time
Wound with care into steadied rhyme.
The words set down by poets pen
Memory and lifetimes of a thousand men
Heroics, villainy, love scorned forlorn
Magic, and mysteries, and pacts undone
The voice of the sages, minds of the All
Sing out in the cosmos, history's call
The breath of the Mother our feet beneath
Whispering, telling for those who but seek
It is in these things our souls remain bound
Till across time shall echo the sound
Of the great tolling of the Bell of the Dawn
And then shall arise the age of The One
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 7
Shake the Heavens
When the thunder is stilled
And the silence deafens
That is when the realization begins
Gone in a moment
And we'll never really know
What was left to do…
What was left unsaid…
What tomorrow could have held…
Quelled in an instant.
When the anger rises
And the tears fall like rain
That is the heart's darkest moment
Pain ripping to the core
And all that is left for the rest
Are the memories…
And the laughter…
And the love so inspired…
All this remains.
So when I hear the rolling thunder
And the lightening breaks
That is when I will think of you
Still in our hearts
Playing in our dreams
With all the passion
With all the fire
That dwelled within your soul
Shake the heavens.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 5 8
what will be remembered of you
when you have left behind
this mortal coil
for the realms beyond?
Will yours be a life
celebrated for it's brilliance?
A flaming ember
in the fires of history,
a glowing example
of humanity's finest pinnacle?
What shall you contribute
to the ever evolving play
that proceeds without err
from sunrise to sunset?
What shall be remembered of you?
Will the aeons weep
for the loss of a loving heart
empassioned of life?
Or shall you fall to
the shadows of mens minds,
a flicker in the cosmos?
I say it comes to this,
that love for love,
and life for life requited
is our duty to ourselves,
our posterity...
we must not waste
so precious a gift.
Do not cloister yourself
from your family of the world.
A simple smile, an uplifting phrase,
pass these to all you meet.
Live in mirth, with all that is
possesed within your heart...
for only one thing is certain:
We shall find our immortality
not within the halls of the heavens,
but within the memory
of those
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 4 5
Bright Butterfly
the ultimate liberaton
the final realization
that broke the barrier
and let me step
into the light.
No more hiding,
no more lies.
I cannot be who I'm not.
The metamorphisis is
finally complete.
The sunrise
is different today
I feel stronger,
and the world seems
brighter to the eye.
Shattered shards
of the shell lay
all around
as I stretch these
new found wings
and my colors
greet the morning.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 1 7
Smoking in the Dark
It's 2 a.m.
and I sit alone
smoking in the dark.
My mind is reeling
and my heart
turned upside down.
You've been there
just out of sight
enough to let me know
that someone
still gives a shit.
So many years lost
so much we'll never know.
But the unspoken
between mother and child
takes it all beyond.
Parallel paths we've walked
which is why
you've understood.
Identical twists and turns
now and again...
I follow your footsteps
in my own way.
But now a stranger waits
villan of the ages
who takes but never gives.
His black expression
and cold hands
eager to embrace
that which I love most.
So here I sit
At 2 a.m.
smoking in the dark
My heart bleeding
and my soul
torn to shreds
at the thought of losing you.
:iconladywillowraven:ladywillowraven 0 5


She did not know
how long it had been ten o'clock -
ever since last week
when the neighbors
refused to stand
on the porch
knocking on the door any longer.
They just want to come in
and look at things
her brother said
and to maybe steal
gram's silver locket
or those maps
dad kept at the bottom
of his dresser.
They want to stare
at gram in her coffin
and guess how much it cost
and who picked out her dress.
And then they will see
there is nothing in the kitchen
but canned beans and radishes.
So they will go home
and cook lamb stew
and soup with spelt and marrow.
They will notice
you have not washed your hair,
that the pits of your shirt
are stained
and your hem drags
below your knees;
that the dogs have left
and the water
has been shut off.
Then they will want
to pack us off to total strangers
who change the syllables
in our names to something new
and we will go to school
every day,
our socks pulled up and clean
and church every Sunday
where we wil sit
with hands folded
and tell them how
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 68 35
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Dust and Leaves
He said let's talk about this
DJ has left alone
Someone is tracing numbers
On the floor
Your eyes aren't alive now
No one is home
Draw a great red circle
Fill it with dust and leaves
Someone lied to get you here
He says it's time to go home
I am falling asleep
The lights on the table flickers
I can see God
Turning a tired tune
There we dance
And if my fingers bleed
Just fill them with dust and leaves
Someone lied to get you here
He thinks I'm lying to him
I'm not alright
Outside the sidewalk's empty
We step on the cracks
'God has a plan for others
but not for me.'
Your soul is filled to bursting
With dust and leaves
Someone lied
Someone lied to get you here...
:iconvagabondtrv:vagabondtrv 2 6
D ampersand D by altarbaby D ampersand D :iconaltarbaby:altarbaby 4 4
Dark heart
Only shall they know,
Of the hurricane of my soul.
Brimstone deep shall burn my bones,
And tear the love from my heart.
Once a great time ago;
The streams of compassion,
The clouds of forgiveness,
The tress of strength,
Resided within my world.
In perfect harmony, flawless in creation;
My spirit, my lands.
Pure light radiated to guide my mind,
To help, to save, to heal.
As an eclipse blocked my sun,
And my grip began to loose.
It came.
A jugger naught of teeth and claws,
To gnash the peace within;
To poison my streams,
To seed my clouds,
To burn my trees.
And attack my loving core.
Without the hesitation of mercy,
The darkness gripped my gem.
Belching smoke and sweating lye,
My precious world plummeted into darkness.
A plague to all within.
Rage within the battle began,
Legions of values marched onto grapple.
The unseen cloak,
Erethrial and hidden,
Gaze enough to break bone,
And screams to melt skin.
No avail came to this corruption,
A grip to my core came slowly,
Fallen to darkness; p
:iconhiding-the-truth:Hiding-The-Truth 1 5
Spirit of the Forest by hibbary Spirit of the Forest :iconhibbary:hibbary 2,412 397 a David Bowie sketch by aBitBosch a David Bowie sketch :iconabitbosch:aBitBosch 21 30
Poetry is good practice.
Or perhaps much more simply
The only revenge one can get
Remorse, redemption, it all sounds so…
Cycling, like I'm trapped sailing down the highway
Throwing words out in the road to stop people
Like already bowled over mattresses boxes
Making a place for ghosts to sleep across three lanes
Adverbs of peeling splintered wood
Adjectives of dangerously coiled springs
That are waiting to tear the innards
Of all those gorgeously overrated sports cars
That never come with a true description
Of their colors attached to the price tag
Perhaps I'm still lucky.
When they're driving bullets of polluted sea green
Derelict fire engine red, a fire engine rotting
Parked in some garage growing mildew
That will eat the paint before it will break
Out of six mattress box walls that the firemen
Made from pulling over and salvaging the wrecks
Perhaps I'll live to see the fires bury all of them
And perhaps after the ceremony some flowers
Will take root in timid dances on their graves.
:icontapestryforever:tapestryforever 2 6


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