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Ivy Garden Brushes

4 brushes for photoshop 7. Use as you like, a credit would be nice, not necessary
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Beautiful, thanks a lot!
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Your brushes Lady', will turn a mediocre image into something very special! Have a real lovely year!!
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This would look good on a signature since it's uniqueness excites me. ^^
Wow, these are incredible!
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Wonderful brushes,I used them here [link]
Thank you for the lovely brushes.:)
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awesome brushes , thank you very much
Evfrosinija's avatar
Romantic & mysterious, very beautyful)
ahlihceh's avatar
Hey, these are amazing :)
I made something with them.. :D ---> [link]
KageMist's avatar
very very beautiful ... its magical ..
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awesome! i´ll let you know if i use them in my next pics! :XD:
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:dance: thanks so much for making these!!
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Hi, just wanted to let you know I used this brush on my edited Digital Image from Second Life called Marble Halls. Credit given but thought you'd like to know, this is a great brush!
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Oh, these are heavenly! I'm downloading them right now. :D
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Absolutely amazing brushes, wonderful job! I've already used two in deviations, the effect is stunning.
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Thanks again!!- such inspiring brushes- I feel like a kid.. who just got a new crayon box!
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thankyou! how sweet of you to say, i appreciate it!
Masqueradepuppet's avatar
[link] I used your stock =)
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oh this is will be usefull thanx so much ^^
LadyVictoire's avatar
you're very welcome!
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Gorgeous Reesa! I can't wait to try these out.... :hug:
LadyVictoire's avatar
i hope you find a good use for them :hug:
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