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Art Trade: Deep Down Below...

:music: Deep down below the wolf pack luuuurks~ Oh no, no, no!

Sorry, lyric from my favoritest, greatest band ever.

Art trade with *evilkitsune71290 of his mershark, Kaleo. We had a shark art trade. : D And it was fun. Derp, gotta love men sharks.

So...this one took me a while because of the background. SO, I just said "Fuck it". Imaged used is here: [link]

I really like how it came out, though. |D;
Some day...I will be able to color water, but at this moment, no. x.x

His half:

Kaleo © :iconevilkitsune71290:
Art © :iconladyvenommyo:
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© 2011 - 2021 LadyVenomMyotismon
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Well well well would you look at that. I've seen your art around before, or this piece more specifically XD
Considering that the internet is so vast, it is really a small place indeed :D
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
xD Ahah, I'm surprised this image has been surfing around DA like that.
He IS a shark, after all! >:V
Amadoodles's avatar
Don't be, its good enough to surf wherever it wants
Sharks do like popping up unexpectedly >_>
wispywaffle's avatar
Ooh, I think you used the stock very well! The dappled-water effect on his body is beautiful, and I love the overall murky, watery feel!
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
Danke sehr!
Unlike many of my images that have been posted up for a while, this one
still remains my favorite. ;3;
Maskerade56's avatar
Nice usage of texture here, I like the view.
I also like how pretty his shark part is shaped.
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
Danke! Probably the better picture I've made this year. xD;
yolin's avatar
The reflection looks so nice *___* I adore underwater pictures and you managed to make it as nice as a real photo. Great job!
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
;3; Hee, thank you! Was annoying to have to struggle with the background,
but it was worth it, I think. >w<
CarlaC's avatar
Oh! This picture I like... A LOT.
You did such wonderful job with the anatomy and I love, love what you've done with the colouring. Very, VERY, deep sea :P
Wonderful :heart:
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
<3 Thank you!
I can proudly say I'm happy with this picture somewhat. >w<;
kitcachoo's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous.
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
kitcachoo's avatar
Novaa240's avatar
Sharks have 2 penises ;)
Lucie-P's avatar
Colors are gorgeous <3 I really like the composition, and the drawing is awesome as always c:
dragonrace's avatar
Looks awesome:D Love the backround!
x-Pippin-x's avatar
This is amazing! I can't get over how awesome your coloring skills are.
LadyVenomMyotismon's avatar
Thank you! <3 I just have a really bad habit
of making everything smooth. xD;
x-Pippin-x's avatar
Oh, no, I wouldn't call it a bad habit - it looks great!
keyblademark's avatar
really good done ^^
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