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Hey guys! I'm in the process of planning some optional content. In the vein of webcomics and storytelling in general, what subjects in tutorial form would interest you?

DBZ-related topics are fine too but I want to address a wider context when I can. :)
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Thank you :)
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Man, what a fantastic experience! I'm already stoked for next year :D

Firstly, thank you to everyone who came out to the show to chat and/or to purchase from us! It was so amazing to meet you all. Below is the stock that we have left. We may bring back a few pieces to Kameha-Con 2 in April 2019 but we are already planning on creating completely new art. If you see something that you missed out on, be sure to grab it while it lasts :D 


**I do not plan to restock items between now and Kameha-Con 2019. Once it's gone, it's GONE! 

Please remember that our main focus will always be maintaining our webcomic production. Commissions, as well as traditional prints, will be available for special occasions only. Thank you so much for your support! ^_^ 

International Buyers and those interested in large orders: Please message me directly here, or through the Social Media site of your choice and we'll talk shipping options. :)
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Hey all! Unguarded will be taking a break until May 10th (two updates) owing to my being out of town for Kameha-Con. I will make it up to you with extra pages until we're caught up once I return. I would rather miss a couple than rush them. Thank you for understanding! <3
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While I am still finalizing some details on my end, you should expect to see more information about the first Art Contest for Unguarded next month (May 2017). I have created the group Unguarded Readers. While its main purpose is to allow for easier submissions for everyone involved in all future contests, you are welcome to go ahead and join so that you can be alerted to the new information as soon as it is available and, if you're feeling ambitious, to submit any UG-related art that you may have already sent my way. While I already have a plan for this first contest, please do feel free to include the types of prizes you would like to see in the comments below. Be as specific as you like. I am absolutely open to considering recommendations.

Prizes currently being considered include the following:

  • Officially licensed Freeza-related merchandise (Available in the US/Japan and some exclusive to Japan)
  • Original creations, such as unique wall scrolls not available for purchase anywhere else
  • Commission Slots
  • Amazon Gift Cards (Alternative for those who don't want physical merchandise)
  • DA Memberships and Points (Alternative to the alternative when it is not possible to purchase gift cards for a respective country's Amazon site)

Admittedly, I expect that submissions for these contests, at least at first, to be on the lower side. Now's a great time to get involved for an increased opportunity to win free Freeza stuff!

Thank you for your continued support! ^_^
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