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Unguarded Ch. 8 Page 35

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Part I: Prologue- Chapter 3

Part II: Chapter 4


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Pakrete's avatar

rahhhh frustration, où est la suite ?

j'ai regardé sur le site principal, un moment très important dans l'histoire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

remarque stupide : si tu veux rameuter plus de gens (fille ?) retire un peu plus de fumée quand Cold est sous la douche XD

(Cold ou Kold? j'ai lu les 2)

Nana7Dragneel's avatar

I love this comic soooooo much! The best Frieza story I've ever read. I'm really hoping to see an encounter with Frieza and Tsukiryuu and the Z fighters. Since Tsukiryuu is with Frieza, will she be his strongest fighter? I feel like she will at least be his most loyal fighter.

ladytygrycomics's avatar

Thank you for the kind words-- it makes me smile to learn whenever someone is enjoying the story. There is definitely potential for them to run into the Z fighters at some point-- though it may not be under the best of circumstances. :)

I don't want to get into spoiler territory but TR will NOT be his strongest fighter. I imagine it won't be too surprising for readers to learn that she lacks talent in that area. Perhaps she will find some other way to be useful to him though!

Nana7Dragneel's avatar

Thank you so much for replying. I can’t wait for more!
MadnessTheHedgehog's avatar

A lot of time has passed, the last one was posted on October 10th, from what I can see the author is still alive. The question is - will we get several pages in one day or will we end up getting one and wait for the next? How does it look like?

ladytygrycomics's avatar

Yep, still kicking! Just having to prioritize my time a little differently for a bit. Usually, when I need to do a bulk catch-up, I'll post a scene at a time, in as quick a succession as I can, until it's caught up.

If folks don't want to wait, there's always and if folks really don't want to wait, for a couple bucks a month, they can read up through all of the April updates on

The-Nina-Beans88's avatar

Not to be rude but are you gonna post more pages to Deviant art or no?

ladytygrycomics's avatar

That is the plan. The end of the year was a bit overwhelming on my end and updating on DA was one of the casualties. Once I've stabilized my schedule over the next couple weeks, I'll start posting here to catch the DA archive back up to where it was. :)

The-Nina-Beans88's avatar

Ah ok. Take your time.

Jedder77's avatar

Oh good, Frieza might survive.

Paultheunidentified's avatar

when your check out of the online class......but forget to turn off the camera

CougarHearted's avatar

I see a guilty looking face on the other side of that monitor! XD

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