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Unguarded Ch. 8 Page 33

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Part I: Prologue- Chapter 3

Part II: Chapter 4


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And on that day Frieza learned his father was the galaxy’s most prolific writer of Great Saiyaman fanfiction.

ladytygrycomics's avatar

There's a fun visual: Cold tucked away somewhere slowly typing away at his next bit of erotica.

Carameja's avatar

I see my perverted mind isn't the only one here in the comments section :XD:

So I will refrain from making my joke!

Anyway whatever is on that drive I am pretty sure that smile will dissapear

CougarHearted's avatar

I have a strong feeling that his huge ass smile is gonna go bye bye! ;)

TheJokerofEarth-0801's avatar

WOAH! He looks really creepy on the last panel

megaxtheDark's avatar

I have a bad feeling

Jedder77's avatar

lol I love how everyone predicts this to be Cold's NSFW drive. I doubt that it is, but I wouldn't be surprised. xD

Suprise; its just 10 terabytes of porn

ladytygrycomics's avatar

He'll learn all kinds of new vocabulary today!

Chronos-X's avatar

LOL It'd be pretty damn funny if Ryuu grabbed the wrong drive and Freezy boy got bombarded by legions of NSFW files.

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