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Unguarded Ch. 8 Page 32

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Part I: Prologue- Chapter 3

Part II: Chapter 4


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Homerman76's avatar

Well, he never did say when they would play, though I don't think Ryuu will appreciate the loophole...

Jedder77's avatar

I'll sit back and relax while this comes back to bite him.. Knowing Ryuu, maybe literally.

ladytygrycomics's avatar

Can never be too careful! :D

CougarHearted's avatar

Ya know what? Forget about the eradication of the Saiyans and others of countless races throughout the cosmos. The most evil thing that Frieza has done is something that he DID NOT do-- and that's playing with Ryuu! Pikachu Crying Plz

ladytygrycomics's avatar

In her mind, that is probably very true!

TheJokerofEarth-0801's avatar

Freeza is such a big meanie

Paultheunidentified's avatar

aaaaawwww :< ........i expected nothing more

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