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Unguarded Ch. 8 Page 29

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Part I: Prologue- Chapter 3

Part II: Chapter 4


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Jedder77's avatar

What Frieza lacks in discipline, he makes up for with imagination. No wonder his "3rd form" looks so weird. xD

ladytygrycomics's avatar

It's not like he's hurting for ways to pass the time. :)

TheJokerofEarth-0801's avatar

Hehe Freeza is already showing himself smarter than Cooler, meanwhile Ryuu is just playing with Freeza's tail.

ladytygrycomics's avatar

Cooler may not yet realize how much his brother has been muscling in on his territory. :)

CougarHearted's avatar

That third panel..... Frieza certainly is the undisputed king of smug smiles! XD

ladytygrycomics's avatar

He's still young enough to be perfect at everything he does :D

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