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Mostly, I'm an Author. Got 3 books published as ebooks with Double Dragon Publishing. Really want a more traditional publisher as well. more exposure and all. I'm sometimes an artist, when the muse isn't being a total Biatch and either on vacation or wanting to do something else. Sometimes I sew, sometimes I do poetry, sometimes I crochet, sometimes needlepoint. Occasionally I bake. Mostly, I'm an author.

Here's a little taste of my newer (and older pieces I think more impressive) arts, some of my poetry and whatever else I can think of. Right now... the muse wants to draw so... sit back and bask,... or cover your eyes and run screaming one.


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Soft the wind blows against my cheek The bite as welcome as snowflakes in my hair Caught in the breath of winter I sit in the rose bower Surrounded by thorns Waiting for the roses to bloom I sit and wait My heart full of thorns My fate hanging on an unkind word Fragile, my butterfly heart Waits ill-patient for spring and the coming change Still wind No word spoken I die unchanged Unloved I die forgotten
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Thank you. I've been neglecting this site terribly.

Thanks to you!
I pray to Hecate, lady of Magic and Miracles, for her to send a shooting star upon you, for its fire to reveal to you creations that your hands turn into delightful magic on the canvas, oh talented inspired magician!

thank you. Been working on my books for a bit. Published a new one last December. Ironically, the covid lock downs had the opposite affect on my work, by removing the private time I need to work on art. More people home means more housework for me! sigh.

I am setting up my actual website right now, and will be linking things all over the place, and most of my lesser arts posting here (sketches, etc). I will ideally be having a blog and a chat area for people to link their own arts and the like (that's what my Studio is all about), so keep an eye out for Also, hit me up on facebook (remind me when you message that you're from Deviant and Lord of all, etc. so I know it's you. You won't believe the cranks I get), you can get more up to date info on what's going on there!