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Lycra Glove Sewing Tutorial

By ladythesta
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Alright, I've been working my way through sewing my first Lycra bodysuit, also called a unitard. But I've been having to adapt various parts from a figure skating pattern.

The pattern included the body (obviously) and sleeves. But no legs, feet, or gloves. After hours of digging around online, I came to the conclusion that gloves were evil beings designed to cover one of the most complex parts of the human body.

So when light bulb went off in my head in a way to make these gloves, I decided to share it with everyone here! Now, I can't guarantee this'll work for everyone as this was actually my second, going on third, attempt at making these gloves. But each try gets better and I hope it at least gives others SOME ideas!

If you use this tutorial, please let me know! I want to see what you come up with! And please credit me if you link this anywhere (such as LJ communities,, ect.)

And feel free to ask me if you need clarification on anything! (or point out any spelling mistakes, I think I caught them all but you never know) Thank you!

Gloves Made with This Tutorial:… by oneintheinfinite… by RainOwls… by Seiryuu-san… by ShaeEldera by NomesCosplay… by Ari-Sera Chocola-chan… by simplyyellow… by Adnarimification… vanillaa
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Just wanted to share my latest glove projects,… and…

I just love this tutorial so much, that I'll be using it whenever I make gloves.
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You are most welcome!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I used this to make the gloves for my rocket grunt cosplay and they turned out perfect! Exactly the kind of gloves I wanted :D Here's a link to my cosplay…
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Those are some mighty fine gloves you got there! Thank you for sharing!!
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It's all thanks to your great tutorial :D Thank you for adding me to the list c: I also added the link to your tutorial on my picture!
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This is gonna help so much with my Spider-Man gloves
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Please share pictures when you are done! I would love to see. ^^
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I might use this to help me tomorrow im going to make some gloves
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Hope all went well!
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I was thinking of doing a cosplay of cheshire cat and I was wondering for the gloves do you know of anyway to add clay claws onto the  finger tips?
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You can poke holes in the sides of the claws before they are dry/cured and then when it comes time to attach them to the gloves, use a fabric glue to attach the bulk and then stitch threw the holes you already made to give it an extra anchor. You might need a friend to help with this because I think it would be best to have your hand in the glove at the time so you have the claw placement right and to prevent the two sides of the finger from being sewn/glued together.

Hope that helps!
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Awesome! Thanks for the info!
I might try that ^^
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You are welcome!
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Do you HAVE to use stretch fabric or is using something like a costume satin possible with this method?
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You HAVE to have stretch in the fingers and wrist for this method to work. Other wise you would need to sew in gussets. Vogue has a nice pattern for gloves with gussets.
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when you sewed it all up together did you use a machine or did you hand sew it?
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Depending on the finger, I used both methods. For one of the gloves I was able to just machine stitch. For the other glove I had to hand stitch 2 of the fingers. It really depends on how much seam allowance you end up with. Fingers are tricky like that.
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I used your glove tutorial here: [link]

thanks for making this! It was very helpful!
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Added to the list!
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Just what I needed! I hope to try this sometime. :la:
It's awesome that you're still replying to these comments!
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I'm glad my tutorial will be of help to you.

And I will always do my best to respond to every comment I get. ^^
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I like this gloves tutorial - it's more simple than some I've seen :heart:
Question: do you think elbow length gloves would work using your methods?
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I don't see why they wouldn't. You would just need to measure how long they would need to be from the wrist to the elbow, and trace your forearm. Let me know how they turn out!
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