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Cheaters Guide to Pigtails



Alright, I recently cosplayed Maka from Soul Eater and I struggled with adding hair to a wig to make a part for pigtails. So I came up with this method instead!

If anything doesn't make sense, just leave a comment here or note me and I'll do my best to answer questions. ^^

In my opinion, wigs are the hardest part of every cosplay. So I feel that wig knowledge should be shared. It's easy enough to learn to sew. Craft and fabric stores offer lessons all the time! But learning how to work with wigs is harder. There never seems to be anyone who either knows how or is willing to help. So, whenever I work on a wig for cosplay, I'm going to do my best to make tutorials to help my fellow cosplayers. ^^

Feel free to use my tutorial, just link me to the finished product so I can see and add to the list! And credit would be nice. Thanks!

EDIT: Results of the Tutorial!… Amu Wig by Kairi-Rose by XgodofdeathX… Sari by bunnybot… by Melody-Of-Logic… provided by QuinzyCobweb… by cyphris09… Sargverkaeufer
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, I finally managed to fix my wig into Star Guardian Lux's!