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Cheaters Guide to Pigtails

By ladythesta
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Alright, I recently cosplayed Maka from Soul Eater and I struggled with adding hair to a wig to make a part for pigtails. So I came up with this method instead!

If anything doesn't make sense, just leave a comment here or note me and I'll do my best to answer questions. ^^

In my opinion, wigs are the hardest part of every cosplay. So I feel that wig knowledge should be shared. It's easy enough to learn to sew. Craft and fabric stores offer lessons all the time! But learning how to work with wigs is harder. There never seems to be anyone who either knows how or is willing to help. So, whenever I work on a wig for cosplay, I'm going to do my best to make tutorials to help my fellow cosplayers. ^^

Feel free to use my tutorial, just link me to the finished product so I can see and add to the list! And credit would be nice. Thanks!

EDIT: Results of the Tutorial!… Amu Wig by Kairi-Rose by XgodofdeathX… Sari by bunnybot… by Melody-Of-Logic… provided by QuinzyCobweb… by cyphris09… Sargverkaeufer
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Thank you so much for this tutorial, I finally managed to fix my wig into Star Guardian Lux's! 
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UUggghh, thank you so much for this!!! I'm making a Madoka cosplay and none of the wigs with the twin tails are the color I like, but now I can just choose any!!!! I won't actually be getting and styling the wig for some time (*cries forever*) but when I do, I'll make sure to send you a picture! Thanks again~
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I can't wait to see pictures of the finished wig! So glad my tutorial will be of help to you. Good luck with your Madoka cosplay!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!
It was exactly what I was looking for and it helped me a lot making the pigtails for my Iku wig
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I am so glad my tutorial helped you! Thank you so much for sharing. I love seeing the finished wigs!
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Did u use regular glue or special?
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I personally used a crafty tacky glue that I had on hand at the time. As long as it says on the label that the glue works on plastics then you should be fine using it on the pigtails.
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thank you very much to this tutorial !
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You are welcome. ^^
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This was incredibly helpful. My sister is cosplaying as Ran, Makoto's little sister in Free Iwatobi Swim Club, and I've been concerned with how to do her pigtails. This is a fabulous idea! :D
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I am always happy to help. Good luck!
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I've a question! Did you just sew the pigtails in the middle of the glue or you did it in the top, too? I mean, in the weft part. 

Btw, I really love that pigtails! they are just wonderful!
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I believe I stitched mostly through the glue. I used a LOT of glue so the hairs wouldn't separate. In retrospect, probably would of been easier to stitch around the glue. Whichever works for you and will hold strong is my advice! And don't be afraid to add more glue.
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This is actually very very useful! I have been wanting to make some Sailor Moon wigs for future cosplay and been figuring out what to do with her pigtail on the top of the hair... this is actually pretty useful!
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I did a Maka cosplay about 3 months ago and I just bought a Chibi from Arda wigs. I'll have to try this out if I ever do a similar character :)

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That looks AMAZING! 

where did you buy the wig?? 
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There used to be a costume speciatly shop near where I live that sold better quality wigs then Party City has, which is where I found my base wig for this tutorial. But the owner retired a few years ago so it is closed now.
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Would this tutorial work if I bought wefts and used it to style a wig for Asuka from Evangelion?
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I honestly couldn't tell you, since I don't seem to recall Asuka having any real kind of pony tail. Good luck with your wig though!
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Would thise also work for possibly a side ponytail? Lovely tutorial as well!
ladythesta's avatar
Others have tried it for a side ponytail and have had wonderful results!
xAssiduityx's avatar
Thank you so much! I shall give it a try! <3
ladythesta's avatar
Pictures when you do! ^_~
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Would this work for an ahoge? This is the one I wanted to make:…
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